Interview with Character Animator, Scott

Her Interactive: How long have you worked at Her Interactive?

Scott: I started here right as “Shadow at the Water’s Edge” was wrapping up. My first full game was “The Captive Curse,” so…  2 years in August.

Her Interactive: What is your favorite part about animating?

Scott: I think I gravitated to animation because it’s a lot like playing with an action figure. I like posing the characters in interesting ways. It’s like what I did as a kid with Ninja Turtle toys, only now I can hit the playback button and they actually move.

Her Interactive: Who has been your favorite character to work on?

Scott: So far, I’d have to say Bess, who I worked on in Alibi in Ashes. The character model and voice work were great as a starting point, and she’s just a little on the crazy side, which is fun.

Her Interactive: What is your favorite movie?

Scott: I’m partial to the cartoons. Iron Giant has been my favorite for a long time.

Her Interactive: What kind of music do you listen to?

Scott: I’m not picky about it, I mostly have KEXP on in the background. Some bands I like are Metric, The Police, Washed Out, and Gorillaz (animators tend to like that band).

Her Interactive: If you were a character in a comic, who would you be and what is your story?

Scott: I draw comics in my spare time, so it would probably be a comic about a guy drawing comics. The first panel would be me chuckling at my own joke, and the last panel would be me checking for new likes on Facebook…

Her Interactive: Is there a character (genre/style, or specific person) that you would like to design in the future?

Scott: I’m always doodling characters on any available piece of paper, so that’s a good question. A cartoon monster of some kind, I think.  Like a Pokemon or something from Adventure Time.

Her Interactive: If confronted with one of the following options, which would you choose?

A) Expose and catch a criminal

B) Sleep in a haunted place

C) Hunt for treasure in a dangerous location


Scott: Okay, so I feel like catching the criminal is probably an important thing to do… what with crime being a bad thing and all… but I really can’t pass up that treasure one. I like treasure.

Thanks Scott for bringing our characters to life! We look forward to seeing the characters you are working on now!

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