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Her Interactive Christmas Video!!

Grr, yesterday’s post was set to a delay…It’s up now. Hooray! We posted a new Christmas greeting video to our YouTube Channel today! After a week and a half of planning, organizing, writing, filming, editing, and graphic creating, the entire Her Interactive team finished putting this awesome video together! My original plan was to send […]

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Weekend Puzzle #176 + Video!

Happy Friday! Today we posted our interview with Designer Cathy! Check it out! Also, if I speak any longer, I might give away a big spoiler. So I will stop talking now and just let you solve this weekend puzzle for your own knowledge….(Click on the picture for a larger view). ~Little Jackalope~

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Behind the Scenes of Halloween (Part 2)

As continuation to the last post, I shall share the spoiling of all the secrets and behind-the-scenes fun facts with you about the making of the Amateur Sleuth Blog: Halloween Snooping video on our YouTube channel… I should complete this list before moving on to new blog topics, like the secrets of The Deadly Device […]

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Weekend Puzzle #172 = Contest!

Hey all! This is your reminder that this weekend is your last chance to carve a Nancy Drew-themed pumpkin and submit your picture! Time’s running out! For more info, click here. Another reminder: If you have recently tuned in to the blog, the latest news is the new Halloween video we posted on YouTube, as […]

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Halloween Video!

As hinted at earlier, I have been working on a little video (hence the late-night blog posts this past week!) With the help of several HI team members (and permission from a few others) we present this fun little video! How many references to the Nancy Drew games can you find and count? By the […]

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Interview with Arglefumph! (And puzzle #169)

Hooray! I got to interview Michael Gray, also known as arglefumph on YouTube! Michael stopped by our office while on a road trip for a grand tour, and agreed to answer some questions and tell some stories on camera. It was a lot of fun! Later he joined some team members and we played a […]

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Preparing Images for DED

I snapped a screenshot of what my computer looks like right now. I have just begun preparing images from The Deadly Device for our merchandise store. The process is a lot of fun! First I play through the game, looking for great images. I then create my list of high-resolution shots and send my list […]

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Creating Videos

I’ve been busying away at our next Amateur Sleuth Blog video (there is a good chance it will be posted on Friday…but, we shall see!) And this one features an interview with a small celebrity here in our office. Hint: it is a guy. Who would you guess him to be? (~.^) Stay tuned for […]

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Video Blog #01: The Deadly Device Pre-Orders

Today I posted my first video blog on our YouTube Channel, under the new playlist “Amateur Sleuth Blog”. It’s also available in HD, which you can watch as an option. This video is me pretty much giving you the low-down on this week’s news. Check it out! Also, check out the new poll on the […]

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A Little Pizzaz

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, you might have noticed that we have updated our “look” to reflect The Deadly Device. TEAL is back!! I love this color scheme… Does it look dangerous? Electrifying? Intriguing? I think it’s a nice change. 🙂 Plus, it’s really fun to celebrate the upcoming game this […]

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