Halloween Video!

As hinted at earlier, I have been working on a little video (hence the late-night blog posts this past week!) With the help of several HI team members (and permission from a few others) we present this fun little video! How many references to the Nancy Drew games can you find and count?

By the way, there are several fun behind-the-scenes fun facts about this video production, and I will be sure to share it here with all of my favorite people: you amazing blog readers, of course! XD If you like the video, log in to YouTube and give us a thumbs up. If you didn’t like it, well…you can give us a thumbs down….and I will be ok with that. (*Cries jackalope-sized jackalope tears*).

Head’s up! Tomorrow’s weekend puzzle will be a contest! That’s right! There will be a small prize at stake, so come back to participate. 😉
~Little Jackalope~

6 responses to “Halloween Video!”

  1. Loved the video! Great job! That spider, had the perfect timing. 🙂

  2. Hannah says:

    Okay I counted about 6 references but there was so many I lost track! You slipped an “It’s locked.” and “This should come in handy” in there and the door scene totally reminded me of STFD!

    I loved watching your face when you picked that lock hilarious!!! Iggy really looked like he crawled out LOL! Creepy CRY scene there! I was so scared something was going to pop out and scare me to death! But I trusted you!

    You got an easter egg! Dandy DED music by the way! AHHHHHHH! Something just ran behind you! (my brothers all just jumped on top of me) Omigoodness now there just CANNOT be more than one cardboard Nancy! (okay unless it’s a HI obsession we dont’ know about) Is that really the guy who plays Niko’s voice?! Awesome! ‘Second chance’ oh this video was SOOO much fun!! No offense Phoenix, but this tops all of your videos!

  3. Love the STFD music at the beginning! I was so hoping that you would use the keycard to pick the lock instead of using it the “normal” way, just to get into the STFD spirit. 😀

    Is that by any chance a detective’s trench coat you’re wearing?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cool video. I’m mad that I’m a day late in wayching it. Did you guys put that spider there?? I really started to freak out right before you went back to the desk with the egg.I laughed when I saw the iguana. Is your name listed with the special thanks at the end?
    And one more,isn’t Nikko the man who dies in DED?

    From me,

  5. AppDude27 says:

    That video was AWESOME. Extremely creative. I loved all the filming angles and techniques. I also loved all the placement of the music; it was all perfectly spot on! That spider was also perfect timing! Hahaha
    I can’t wait for ND 28!!

  6. MJ says:

    Oh my crazy! I LOVED the video! I just now got to watch it. And you made me smile as you always do! Loved the music, hated the spider, although it was good for the effect. 😉 That was so cool! The yueri girl creeped me out.
    Can’t wait for the next video.

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