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SPY Bugs

The bugs are jumping around The Silent Spy this week as we further test and work on the game. For those who aren’t familiar with the jargon word “bugs” in our production cycle, here’s what we mean: Bugs are errors and hang-ups in the game. They can be anything from the game crashing, to characters […]

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The Beginning of Busy

I’m going to try my best over the course of the next few months to limit my use of the word “busy”, because for me and some other team members here, this is the beginning of our busy season. Approaching the launch of Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy we have a lot of things to […]

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Game Timeline: The Silent Spy

There is sooo much secret information about The Silent Spy that I would love to share, but it must remain a mystery, or else it wouldn’t be a mystery. Isn’t that what intrigues Nancy and fellow sleuths? Wanting to know information that is kept hiding; now that is what makes us curious! You know something […]

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The Middle of Summer Spying

I suppose if you have already played Ghost of Thornton Hall, as well as all of the other Nancy Drew mysteries (which games are you still missing?) there isn’t much else left to do this summer, right? Weeeell… you could always find a shady spot to rest and read a new Nancy Drew Diaries book […]

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Office Happenings in July

I have several things to share about what’s been going on at the office this week. Be warned: these following stories can be quite random. We have already begun testing puzzles in our next Nancy Drew game: The Silent Spy (SPY), the artists are working hard to finish up a good portion of the game […]

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