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A Week Before Pre-Orders!

We only have a week left before you can pre-order The Deadly Device! And based on the poll results to the right, 62% of voters are planning on pre-ordering, 5% said “no” to pre-ordering, while 32% say they will wait for the store release. 319 votes over the course of the week, and tomorrow I […]

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Hmm…Videos? I think yes!

Today I’ve been working on collecting video clips and screenshots from The Deadly Device. These shots of me playing the game and interacting with the characters will be used for the official trailer that will be put together by one of our fantastic artists. Our Writer and Designer provided the narration by Nancy and offered […]

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Nancy Drew Moment #002: Task List Comments

Since the first post today, I have not made very much progress on my Egg mystery. I did some further questioning though of our leads, though. Megan, our CEO, and our Marketing Director all answer that they each purchase brown eggs only. Although that isn’t hard evidence, it does make them seem less suspicious. Our […]

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