Nancy Drew Moment #002: Task List Comments

Since the first post today, I have not made very much progress on my Egg mystery. I did some further questioning though of our leads, though. Megan, our CEO, and our Marketing Director all answer that they each purchase brown eggs only. Although that isn’t hard evidence, it does make them seem less suspicious.
Our IT “Network Ninja” suggested going across the street to the cafe to see what brand of eggs they sell for lunches. That is my next plan of action, but unfortunately they are closed at the moment. I wanted to sneak into the office early to catch the culprit in the act of placing a third egg, but no luck, as I never received this third egg. The last two I worried about how long they had been in the drawer, or else I would have eaten them…I’m hoping for a third egg, even if it is a plastic Easter Egg, so that I can work with potentially new clues. Yep, I would love to have a plastic Easter Egg!
Check out this image we uploaded to Pinterest and Facebook! If you’ve ever experienced quoting Nancy when she checked off something from the task list, then this belongs on your Pinterest board, or Facebook wall, so that all the world will know that this badge is a reflection of how you are such a Nancy Geek, which is a good thing by me (and Nancy)! XD

Oh, and while you are at Facebook, answer the poll question we put up! We’d love to see what answer you choose!
~Little Jackalope~

7 responses to “Nancy Drew Moment #002: Task List Comments”

  1. hmm… tough case! Hope you find the culprit soon.
    Ah, yes. I have that Nancy Drew moment most everyday. I say it in the same tone of voice too! 🙂

  2. ILUVNANCY!!! says:

    If the next egg is plastic, you can dust it for fingerprints! Ooh, how about asking the cafe that sells eggs if anyone from your office has bought white eggs from there recently.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I bet I could stump you with the eggs I have at my house. We raise ducks and chicken so we get little eggs,big eggs,brown white or green(green only from ducks) Do yuo have anyone who brings eggs in and leaves them in the office kitchen??

    From me,

  4. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely L.O.V.E. your polls. And actually, I’ve been kind of… hrm… wondering if the poll you did about the Hardy Boys a little while ago will have any effect on a game in the future? I’d love to see them again…

    Your Easter Egg mystery is so cool!

    Random Thing (That Will Probably Have No Bearing On the Case, But is Fun) to Think About: What if your Marketing Director, CEO, and Megan aren’t telling the ENTIRE truth?

    They could be telling the truth when they say that they only purchase brown eggs, but what they didn’t purchase the eggs? What if they got the egg from pet chickens at home, or a friend or relative? Hmm… 🙂

  5. Hmmm. I saw your interview with Jeanne, loved the Easter egg question:):) still haven’t found the culprit?

  6. @ILUVNANCY!!! — That’s exactly what I was thinking, too! 😉

    @Silvertongue — Wow, green eggs? I’ve never seen a green egg! And no, no one leaves eggs for others in the office. I checked the refrigerators, but no one keeps eggs here.

    @Anonymous — The polls are meaningful to us, we want to know what it is you like or don’t like so we can adjust to make the games most enjoyable. There is a chance that characters mentioned could maybe possibly just perhaps come back in future games.

    Oh, good point! Maybe I shall ask if anyone receives free eggs or if they get them from someplace other than the store.

    @Future HeR Animator — Nope! No culprit yet! Just 28 suspects…

  7. haha, I’m loving this mystery!

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

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