A Week Before Pre-Orders!

We only have a week left before you can pre-order The Deadly Device! And based on the poll results to the right, 62% of voters are planning on pre-ordering, 5% said “no” to pre-ordering, while 32% say they will wait for the store release. 319 votes over the course of the week, and tomorrow I shall post a new poll. Perhaps it will be about the …. wait, I shouldn’t say right up front. You’ll have to come back tomorrow to read the question and take part in the new poll. 😉

Weekend puzzle solved! That was an easy one, I suppose XD. It was simply an anagram, so all you had to do was unscramble each word. Here is each word…did you you correctly unscramble all of them?


Yep, that is what we have been up to lately, preparing them for the red carpet presentation. Speaking of presentation, if you want to be notified when these will be up, follow us on our social media channels (see links to the top right of the blog) or stay tuned for the announcement on our home page.

Oh! Last minute shout out: Our Back to School sale ends tomorrow! Hurry to order a digital game and get 25% off

With all of our busyness this last week, I nearly forgot to share with you our fan “Hardy Boy’s Biggest Fan”‘s picture he sent in!

Check it out! These are salt and pepper shakers..how peculiar… Look familiar? 😉

~Little Jackalope~

9 responses to “A Week Before Pre-Orders!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait to meet the characters in DED!!! I’m soo excited!

  2. I literally jumped out of bed and danced around my room when I realized it was only a WEEK until pre-orders start!! 😀 😀 I’s so excited to meet the characters tomorrow, it’s been torture waiting on this weekend to end! I can’t believe I just said i wanted a weekend to end (school to start)…

    Are y’all starting to get excited about the release in the office?

    I know you probably can’t say, but will we have to wait until pre-orders start to see the trailer like you guys did with TMB?

    those are some pretty cool/creepy shakers:)

  3. Anonymous says:

    is it going to be a poll about the characters?

  4. Teagpow says:

    My heart about skipped a beat or two any longer I’m going to die ; )

  5. Anonymous says:

    OOOH! Characters! I can’t wait! Love the eyeballs. Those are awesome. Where’d he get those??

    From me,

  6. Hannah says:

    OH NO NOT MORE EYES!!! That drove me crazy in CRY.

    Character profiles tomorrow?! That’s SO exciting! My brothers and I only finished TMB today, you see my family had to move across the US and we lost our game and everything. So now we can finally catch up on all the DED news!!

    Every time I say ‘naaa I won’t pre-order, the bonus features aren’t REALLY worth paying for that extra shipping plus it’s only a week sooner than my local store would get it.’ but then the excitment gets to me and I usually end up doing it anyway….

    Do you realize Little J that a very determined fan who is MOST DEFINIATLY pre-ordering could have just refreshed your page a gazillion times and clicked ‘Yes! Can’t wait!’ on your poll??? 😉

    When will the OFFICIAL trailer be out?

    -Hannah (Drew Detective)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Not it’s 6 days ’til the pre-orders! I am so excited to get the game! I tried commenting on your last blog but it wouldn’t let me post. Hopefully this would change…Oh and I’m excited to see the characters!
    – Amy [detective name: De]

  8. Haley says:

    Where are those eyes from?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey you showed my picture!!! Cool! Thanks!

    Btw, I found them at a restuarant called Cracker Barrell.


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