After Christmas

Welcome back all! Hope you had a great Christmas! It looks like many of you have received some much anticipated games this year, along with those who received a Koko Kringle bar like this lucky fan here:

Speaking of Koko Kringle bars…thanks to your help, we accomplished our goal of 100,000 “likes” on our Facebook page before the new year!! You know what that means? We will be selecting 10 lucky winners next week (from everyone who has “liked” us, both old and new fans) to each receive 5 Koko Kringle bars. Yum! If you haven’t “liked” us yet, there is still some time to do so if you have a Facebook account.

As for the weekend puzzle, this one was clearly an easy solve to many of you super sleuths. Guess I will have to make it complicated next time! 😉 Here’s the solution to weekend puzzle #130:

“On the twelfth day of sleuthing my true love gave to me:
12 Rusty keys
11 Dusty footprints
10 Shifting shadows
9 Second chances
8 Hidden phone charms
7 Extra glowsticks
6 Creepy whispers
5 Koko kringles
4 Suspects
3 Fingerprints
2 Huge clues
1 Magnifying glass to solve the mystery”

Once you have all of the letters filled in, use the numbers to spell out a message. 9.5 references “9 Second Chances”, and the 5th letter, which is N. Do this for all the numbers/letters until you get this message: “Next year is going to be full of adventure“.

~Little Jackalope~

4 responses to “After Christmas”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cool, I want a Koko Kringle bar! xP I just finished Alibi in Ashes. I spent 200 dollars on ice cream. LOOOL

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gald I got the right answer.I also recaived an Alibi in Ashes and Koko Kringle for christmas!I just haven’t tried it yet,however,the game is amazing.I personaly love the book in the drew house of the cake winners.Yeah me!

    From me,

  3. Anonymous says:

    I spent around 328 on ice cream!

    From me,

  4. Anonymous says:

    i spent 1,000 dollars on ice cream in alibi in ashes!

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