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New Nancy Voice and Black Friday!

The news is finally out! We have revealed the new voice of Nancy Drew, please welcome Brittany Cox! While the previous voice will forever remain the first Nancy and keep us nostalgic for the older games, this new voice of Brittany brings a youthful new perspective. Listen to her introduction video here: And then listen […]

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Comics, PopSockets, and Camera Day!

New podcast is up! This one features the writer of the new Nancy Drew comics, Anthony Del Col! Watch on the video below or subscribe to iTunes here. Today is National Camera Day! We are celebrating with a sale on Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake! Shop here! We have new PopSocket designs up, […]

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Podcasts and Countdowns (Weekend Puzzle #324)

Hooray! The second podcast has released! You can follow it on Podbean, iTunes, or YouTube. Warning! Contains game spoilers for Stay Tuned for Danger and The Final Scene. And heads’ up! The countdown to the great Thanksgiving sale has started! The sale begins Wednesday, November 23rd, and ends Monday night, November 28th. Here’s a fun […]

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Talking About Video Games

Hey all! I got to join Video Game Break in a podcast! We talked about all kinds of video games (including a little bit about Nancy Drew) and some voice acting. 😉 Check it out! -Little Jackalope

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Interview with SPY Composer, Thomas Regin!

Today we posted this video interview of The Silent Spy‘s music composer, Thomas Regin! Check it out! Have you played The Silent Spy? Or are you waiting for it arrive on the store shelves? Whether you are waiting to play the game or already have and enjoyed it, might I suggest the soundtrack available for […]

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Music for Mysteries: Volume 5

I bet you weren’t expected this, but here’s what I’ve been hinting at this past week: Now the music collection is complete! You can now order this music on our site! I’m looking forward to The Silent Spy’s soundtrack in the future, now. Check it out! We interviewed our very own Producer, Rob! I think […]

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Interview with Stuart + Weekend Puzzle #205

We interviewed our CEO Stuart! Watch his video here: Now that you have heard from Stuart, what specific things do you wish to see happen for Nancy Drew in the future? I know I’d certainly like to be able to play a Nancy Drew game on a tablet…! Weekend puzzle! Let’s see if your skills […]

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Sonny Joon and Purple-Haired Guys

In The Phantom of Venice, one of the characters writes a little about Sonny Joon, while another character mentions how colorful his hair was. The team here at Her Interactive has their own colorful-haired guy, and his name is Alex. We interviewed him in an Amateur Sleuth Blog video! This video will be going live […]

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Little Jackalope Interview

Our Lead Tester decided that it was my turn to sit in the “hot seat” and be interviewed. She asked me all sorts of fun questions, so I hope you enjoy this new video as well as get a few clues to what I get to work on here at Her Interactive. Ta-da! XD Here […]

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Marathon of Scares

I was trying to be more creative with my blog title, by re-using similar words from the past…eh…Anyways, as we continue the Nancy Drew “Scary Game” marathon in preparation for Ghost of Thornton Hall, we finish up Legend of the Crystal Skull this week and begin The Haunting of Castle Malloy for the weekend.  Three […]

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