New Nancy Voice and Black Friday!

The news is finally out! We have revealed the new voice of Nancy Drew, please welcome Brittany Cox! While the previous voice will forever remain the first Nancy and keep us nostalgic for the older games, this new voice of Brittany brings a youthful new perspective. Listen to her introduction video here:

And then listen to her interview with host Tammy Tuckey in the Unlocked! Nancy Drew podcast on iTunes or YouTube here:

Beginning today, our games are on sale for 50% off when you use promo code THANKS19 at checkout. Please note: the physical games are limited in supply and we will not be restocking them once they are out. Also, this code will not apply to Pre-Orders on MID. Sorry! 🙁 Shop here.

Also, a belated Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends! Unfortunately, Facebook failed to let me post this greeting yesterday. Grr.

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Little Jackalope


6 responses to “New Nancy Voice and Black Friday!”

  1. Guest says:

    Can a preorder be cancelled?

  2. A Googles says:

    Hey you know, I watched the new trailer and the game looks pretty neat! Sure, there’re some issues with how the characters look, especially the lipsyncs and lighting, but you know-! I think it’s pretty cool that it looks like the other characters will be moving around the world of the game more and doing more things! I think that added character interaction and involvement will make certain aspects of the mystery feel more involved! Sure it’s a shame that there are still issues, but!! I think everyone did a great job, and in future games I’m sure that the little cosmetic things like lipsync and lighting will be much improved thanks to the experience gained working on this game!
    That said, thank you so much Her for doing stuff like this and attempting to make the gameplay and mystery more dynamic in this way, even though it’s a risk and a steep learning curve! Don’t be disheartened!! Thank you for taking the jump to make the updates and improvements that fans asked for!
    (I would have commented on the trailer but I was too afraid of flames from the disgruntled fans haha. Stay strong guys :’D)

  3. Annalyn says:

    Hi! What time on 3 December (tomorrow!!! :-D) will MID be available to start playing?

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