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Weekend Puzzle #130

(*Please Note about last weekend’s contest: We will select a winner randomly from all the correct entries by 5pm PST tonight. We will also post the answers then. Stay tuned for another post later today!) We have a short week here at the Her Interactive office because it’s Christmas time! So we are giving you […]

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Left-Over Halloween Decorations

As I was walking around the office today, I noticed a few Halloween decorations that were still up. There are still some crows hanging around, plastic spiders in the snack basket in the kitchen, and in the front office was the ceramic jack-o-lantern filled with candy (this is a good thing). Here is a particularly […]

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11.11.11 = Weekend Puzzle #129 (Contest!)

Today is 11.11.11! In honor of such a day, we are holding another contest, and the prize is a free digital download of game #11 Curse of Blackmoor Manor. (You may help each other out on the message board if you’d like, but just remember to put all answer in spoiler code for those who […]

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Happy Halloween 2011!

It’s Halloween! This is the day where we have the opportunity to dress up in any sort of outfit or costume for fun. Today, several of us silly and imaginative workers dressed up and together the entire office enjoyed a delicious assortment of foods and goodies. Yum…every once in a while I like to sneak […]

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Ready for Halloween? (And Weekend Puzzle #127)

It’s the weekend before Halloween! This means parties and last-minute decorating for many of you. We are decked out with a few hints of the spooky season (see below). There are pumpkin lights hung along cubicles, blinking eyes posters, a rock wall wallpaper, giant spiders and a poor flier who crashed into a cubicle wall. […]

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Giving (or receiving) Gifts

Take a look at this! A fan of ours attended a silent auction where she offered a Nancy Drew-themed basket for people to bid on. Looks like she has a few desirable items in there. 😉 The gift-giving season is nearing, might one of the games be on your list? I’ve been looking around, and […]

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April Fools from Sonny Joon + Weekend Puzzle #97

Whoo-hoo! Happy April Fool’s day! Has anybody pulled a few jokes today? Remember last year’s prank when we told you that Sonny Joon was getting his own game? That was awesome. Unfortunately there still aren’t plans for that, but who knows, maybe we’ll hear from him in upcoming games.   ~Sonny’s first Easter Egg design~ […]

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