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Egg Mystery…kinda solved…

Before I delve into the ongoing egg mystery here in the Her Interactive office, I wanted to shed some light on a pair of other office workers. Our Designer and Lead Tester were interviewed by True PC Gaming! Did I ever mentioned that our Designer and Lead Tester are twin sisters? (I think that is […]

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TMB in Stores!

After the first day’s excitement settled down from the official launch of Tomb of the Lost Queen (yay!), today the Sales and Marketing team and I went on a fun field trip to a few of the retail stores that sell our games. We wanted to see TMB on the shelves to see how they […]

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Behind the Scenes: We Knit (part 2)

Today a group of us reassembled our knitting group. For being a beginner, I’d say my hat is coming along quite well…despite the three evident mistakes in it. >.< Check out what a fellow worker is creating a pair of: My hat doesn’t look nearly as cool as this giant sock. (It’s giant by my […]

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Giant Burgers

Today, some team members went out for our monthly burger outing, called “Code H.A.M.B.U.R.G.E.R.” This time we went to a little burger place where the burgers were big…according to me. I think a few of us felt like we ate enough for the next couple of days. Our tech guy, Larry, took a picture of […]

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We have TMB! (Will you get TMB?)

I got super excited today because a big shipment of several copies of Tomb of the Lost Queen have arrived to our office! (The stack of boxes was as tall as I am). Check out Melissa, she’s really excited, too! Here’s the retail version, with fun embossing (my favorite area is the hollowed eye…it looks […]

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Breakfast at Her Interactive

Have you visited our Facebook page recently? We have announced the Caption Contest winner! Congrats to Meghan B. for providing the quote that the judges liked best: “Jamila: How do I look today? Abdullah: You look fine, but I look FABULOUS.” As soon as I entered the building this morning, I instantly recognized the smell […]

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Mid-Week Moments

Today was a really nice day, so some team members and I went outside for a break to play hacky sack. Note: wearing strapless flat shoes are not the best fashion choice when your feet need to move fast. The shoes tend to get kicked off and go flying at person’s face. (I don’t know […]

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Visiting Birthday Fan!

Today we had a fan, Ellen, visit us today! She was given the grand tour, which included meeting everyone in the office, learning about design, art, testing, writing, marketing, and just about everything we could share with her. To make it an even special day, she was celebrating her birthday, so of course we had […]

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CEO Looks Shocked!

I am super thrilled today because we have another caption contest going on!! Check it out: On our Facebook page we uploaded a photo of our CEO holding the phone to his ear, facing the computer monitor with a shocked face. Your challenge is to come up with something fun and clever to post as […]

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Behind the Scenes: We Knit

There are a great number of us in the Her Interactive office who knit, and it has become such a great discussion topic that a group got together during lunch break and…well…knit! A couple little birdies told me about it so I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots. Warning: when lingering for too […]

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