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Shelved Game Cover Art

Before you get all excited, we are currently not bringing back the legendary 3rd Dossier game: Ship of Shadows. It has been “shelved” and is not in production. Our CEO touched on this subject in a recent interview (read it here). Due to a big request and desire from you all on the message boards […]

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Games and Puzzle Thursday

Today we had a company meeting to get updated an all that’s happening. We enjoyed pizza and salad while playing board games with each other. It’s worth the effort and patience to learn a new game! Several of us tried a new one called Dice Town, which had a cowboy and western theme. If the […]

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Weekend Puzzle #121

Happy Friday puzzle sleuths! Today, several of us are going to the 129th annual Seattle Chamber of Commerce meeting, where Megan will speak about Her Interactive and the games, I’m really excited! Perhaps I will show you some pictures next week, if I’m allowed to take them. On to important matters. Puzzle time! Click on […]

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Hot Tip: Spy on the Designer!

Our writer stopped by my desk to give me a hot tip: go and take a picture of what the designer is doing. o.O Always up for a little spying adventure…especially ones that involve a camera….I quickly headed to the other end of the office where I found this: Cathy had a huge whiteboard propped […]

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