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11.11.11 = Weekend Puzzle #129 (Contest!)

Today is 11.11.11! In honor of such a day, we are holding another contest, and the prize is a free digital download of game #11 Curse of Blackmoor Manor. (You may help each other out on the message board if you’d like, but just remember to put all answer in spoiler code for those who […]

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ASH and SAW in October

Alibi in Ashes comes out in stores tomorrow! And today we have two new ASH wallpapers for you: check out the desktop version or the mobile version. We have a winner! Last Friday was the weekend puzzle #125 contest, here’s the solution: the puzzle is a [keyword] cipher. Using the keyword provided (quick) you take […]

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Big Contest! (And us being busy)

It’s the super busy season for a couple of us in the office (myself included) and I’ve noticed how many times I use the word “busy.” Note to self: try to avoid using that word for the remainder of the launch season for Alibi in Ashes. Will need to come up with a new vocabulary, […]

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In the Secret Corner

In one big corner of our office, across from the production department, is a collection of cubicles where you can find the “render farm”, an old arcade game, packaging boxes, letterheads, envelopes, miscellaneous other storage and a whole bunch of our games! See here: I made a trip to this secluded corner to fetch a […]

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Udder Pops

I’ve been reviewing some video footage, logos, and some art today, and I haven’t tired yet of listening to Nancy Drew music. I also have been browsing the message boards to read the reactions of the Alibi in Ashes cover art…always fun to hear people’s thoughts! Take a look at this. A fan named Emily […]

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Alibi in Ashes Box Revealed!

This is why we were super busy yesterday: getting ready to show you this!! ~Official box art for Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes!~ So what do you think for our 25th game art? For more information on Alibi in Ashes, head over to our product page, where there is one date that you might want […]

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