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Sand Driving

Today’s Throwback Thursday moment is from Ransom of the Seven Ships (which you can get for 50% off the digital download today using promo code RAN50). I remember driving around in the golf cart – which was hard and fun at the same time (I liked to drive fast, but I always crashed into things […]

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Veterans Day 2015

Today is the day dedicated to those who served the nation to protect it and its freedom. Thanks to those who have served or are serving now! I hope someday we could make a Nancy Drew game that teaches some of our nation’s history – I do love the subject! Do any of you have […]

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The Corner of Your Eye

I love this a bit too much. XD I remember playing Message in a Haunted Mansion for the first time, and I swear I saw something move out of the corner of my eye in the parlor. I was right. Something DID move. It cannot be explained…but it can be proved it DID happen…I wasn’t […]

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Hotchkiss Quotes

It is another quiet day in the office today, but sadly it is because several team members are sick. It is the season I suppose, since it is getting colder outside and fall will be turning into winter. To make it feel more like winter, I have recently been exploring Treasure in the Royal Tower […]

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Danger & Weekend Puzzle #290

Have you ever read a Nancy Drew book or played a Nancy Drew game where the mystery didn’t involve at least a little danger? I can’t recall a single one…haha. This moment is from Tomb of the Lost Queen: Here is your weekend puzzle. Keyword: scarlet. MSGEIURUXEBFPUCSBIUBW -Little Jackalope

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Random Thursday Projects

It’s a quiet day today in the office. I’m working on a graphic design poster and also editing some web site code. Earlier it was picking out some outfits…for a project. Sounds fascinating, yes? Maybe I shall work on making a meme, just to make today sound more colorful. 😉 Since it is Thursday, we […]

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Animated GIFs

I’m a fan of animated gifs. I’m an even bigger fan of making them, especially if they are Nancy Drew themed. (Nerd much?) Here’s a few we had to share today: Do you have any favorite animated or cinematic moments from the games? -Little Jackalope

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National Sandwich Day

(I was out sick yesterday, but am back and better!) Did you know there is a day dedicated to sandwiches? I sure didn’t… until today. Well then! Might as well celebrate! I didn’t eat a sandwich today, instead I had Spanish rice and meatballs, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is how tasty the […]

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