Danger & Weekend Puzzle #290

Have you ever read a Nancy Drew book or played a Nancy Drew game where the mystery didn’t involve at least a little danger? I can’t recall a single one…haha. This moment is from Tomb of the Lost Queen:


Here is your weekend puzzle. Keyword: scarlet.


-Little Jackalope

4 responses to “Danger & Weekend Puzzle #290”

  1. Karesha3 says:

    Nancy is a danger magnet.

  2. Molly says:

    Hi LJ, Quick question. Will you ever include Tom Swift in your Nancy drew games?
    I know that he owns Krolmeister and he is even featured in some Hardy Boys cases.
    Just wanted to know 😉

  3. Tanya Kuznena says:

    Puzzle answer: SEMPER UBI SUB UBI and then ? UGCFXW – I have no idea what that means!

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