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Nancy as a Role Model

Another great article about Nancy Drew was written! Check out “Why Nancy Drew Should Be Every Girl’s Role Model.” What do you think? Is there something about Nancy that you aspire to? Do you look up to her? I particularly like how she doesn’t give up, and how clever she is at piecing things together. […]

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Tombs and Lost Queens

Every once in a while, archaeologists discover new things (or simply new thoughts or new leads) to potentially lead to an exciting discovery. Check out this article on how they think they may have found another couple of chambers where Queen Nefertiti may potentially be buried! (Click on the image below.) While although our game […]

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Summer Games

I’ve been thinking about which Nancy Drew games are best for playing in the summertime. If it is pretty warm outside, I do enjoy playing games like The Secret of Shadow Ranch, Trail of the Twister, and Alibi in Ashes. They involve lots of outdoor time in the sun, as well as eating treats, like cake, […]

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Video Weekend

Hey all! I was on vacation last week. Here’s what we missed: new videos from our intern, Ellie! Check out the latest episode of “The Witch’s Treasure” here: Also, have you ever wanted to make the Shadow Ranch cake? Or perhaps you tried and it didn’t work? Well, that game recipe was only meant for […]

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Contest Winner!

We had soooo many great t-shirt entries come in this month! We must admit: it was REALLY hard this time to narrow it down to one winner. I wish I could re-create them all in the merch store so that they can all be available. However, we can only have one, and the team has […]

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LJ Fan Interview

Hey all! Fan gavinscousin interviewed me for his YouTube channel. Check out this three-part video series of him asking me awesome questions from the Her Interactive office! As for the weekend puzzle, it was a drop-quote puzzle, like what you would see in Alibi in Ashes in the ice cream parlor “Scoop.” Here’s the solution: […]

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