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Pre-Order Sea of Darkness!

Hooray! You can now pre-order Sea of Darkness today! The first 500 pre-orders will be receiving a Koko Kringle chocolate bar from our office. Unfortunately, we can’t tell who those first 500 are until later, when we count them up and ship them out. 🙁 And HOORAY! The official trailer is now released! Whatcha think? […]

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The Night Before…

Hey all! I was out of the office last Friday and didn’t post a puzzle, sorry! This week is an exciting one! Pre-orders for Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness begin tomorrow at 9:00 am Pacific time. (Mountain time is 10:00 am, Central is 11:00 am, and Eastern is noon.) What is extra-super-way-cool is the new […]

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Nostalgic Thursdays

Today’s Throwback Thursday moment is one of my favorites! We are having a one-day sale on Curse of Blackmoor Manor in honor of this memory: get 50% off the digital copy when you use promo code CUR50. You know what that means? (It comes to $4.99!) Such a great deal, I think, since it is […]

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Trailer Things and Fan Memes

Today we finished up a good draft of the trailer for Sea of Darkness. It still needs to some adjustments to properly balance the music and character’s dialogue and extra sound effects played. Anyways, we have been really busy getting ready for pre-orders NEXT WEEK! AHHH!! For a nice distraction, a fan, , sent in […]

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Sea of Darkness Characters!

Hooray! We have officially released the character bios on the Sea of Darkness page! Check them out here. Ok, what is your initial reaction? Do you have an instant favorite? Someone you find most intriguing? Who is your first guess to being the culprit? -Little Jackalope

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The Week Before Pre-Orders

Monday has returned for another busy week here at Her Interactive! At least I know I am pretty busy. 😉 We are working on the Character bios, the strategy guide, and the official trailer all this week, because pre-orders for Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness starts next Tuesday on the 14th! So much to do, […]

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Screenshots and Weekend Puzzle #272

We have released the rest of the screenshots of Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness! Happy Friday, sleuths! 😀 I hope you all have a great Easter weekend! (We are currently having a sale on the Dossier games, if you haven’t played those yet.) And here’s your weekend puzzle, enjoy! -Little Jackalope

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Remembering the Dead Ends

Do you remember exploring the castle for the first time in Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower? I’ve played that game so much, I don’t even travel all the way to dead ends anymore, haha. Also, have you been keeping updated on the March Madness? We have reached the semi-finals! Today’s match-up is Bess […]

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The Port in SEA

We released another screenshot today from Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness! Check it out, this is the town you will be visiting: What do you think? We also have some fan birthdays to celebrate: -Little Jackalope

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