The Week Before Pre-Orders

Monday has returned for another busy week here at Her Interactive! At least I know I am pretty busy. 😉 We are working on the Character bios, the strategy guide, and the official trailer all this week, because pre-orders for Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness starts next Tuesday on the 14th! So much to do, so little time! So I need to keep this short, and get back to working on the trailer. So far today I have added dialogue, film grain effects, musical opening and exit song, as well as the basic opening and closing content like the box image and the dates. Still have plenty of middle stuff to work on.

On a side note, we finished up the Nancy Drew Madness. Here’s who you voted as the best character of all time: (I think that is a great choice!) 😉


Looks like many of you solved the weekend puzzle! Nicely done. It is a simple drop-quote puzzle. Here’s how it looks once you solve it:


We have a fan birthday to celebrate!


-Little Jackalope


2 responses to “The Week Before Pre-Orders”

  1. Angela says:

    I knew it’d be Ned! I was rooting for him. 😀

    I assume the signature song will be playing for the opening and closing of the trailer? Hehh

  2. Hadley says:

    Yay Ned!! 😛

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