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Book Collecting: New Designs!

Not too long ago we shared a picture of a new cover designs for the first few original yellow-back Nancy Drew books. One of our team members went on a trip to a Powell’s book store and purchased a copy of The Secret of the Old Clock. When she brought it here to the office, […]

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Pencil Sketches

We received some picture of more fan art! Angela L. drew Sonny Joon from the cover of The Shattered Medallion and Kate Drew from The Silent Spy: I really like how big Sonny’s hair is! That guy should make a hair product commercial someday. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did, since he’s had so […]

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Illustrating Nancy Drew

I’m going to take a break from writing about the CRE Egg Mystery today, since I have several leads I haven’t had time to follow up on. Today I wanted to highlight some awesome fan illustrations sent in by ___, check them out! These are lovely renditions of some of the book illustrations. I love […]

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Thanks everyone for your helpful tips and for trying to solve this mystery with me! Unfortunately, the case is not yet closed for The Creature of Kapu Cave. However, I did make some progress with your help. When playing Wiki Tiki, I reached the point where I am wining, and I saved it right before […]

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Amateur Sleuth Mystery: CRE Easter Eggs

Instead of a weekend puzzle, I have a REAL Nancy Drew mystery for you to solve! It’s something I’m working on solving, too. For many years, I have seen discussions on the message board as well as seen emails come in that question about the Easter Eggs in The Creature of Kapu Cave. Now before […]

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Spying… on Me?

Today’s Throwback Thursday moment is creepy. Have you ever wondered if the culprit was ever spying on you? You know, that eerie feeling that someone is watching you? Like when you discover this peephole in Message in a Haunted Mansion and wonder who used it last? o.O There have been a few instances where someone […]

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Threats? Puuuhlease!

We shared this Nancy Drew moment recently from Message in a Haunted Mansion: I always got excited to receive a threatening note from strangers. It means I was getting closer to the truth and really annoying the culprit(s)! Did this note scare you? Have there been notes that scared you in the past? Do you […]

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Video Game Day + Fan Paintings

Howdy Amateur Sleuths! Did you know today is Video Game day? If you don’t have the Dossier titles Lights! Camera! Curses! or Resorting to Danger! you have a few hours left to get the digital download for 50% off. These are quite fun to play as you wait for the next Nancy Drew game to […]

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Summer Selfie: Space Ports

Hope you had a great fourth of July weekend! We have received a lot of Summer Selfies from our fans for the contest! Yay! I love seeing your pictures from all over the world! I, too, took a Nancy Drew selfie when I went to a space port…Just kidding. It’s not a space port, but […]

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Independence Day 2014!

Happy independence day! I hope you have plans to hang out with friends and family this weekend and have some fun! I love BBQs and summer food. My family likes to play board games and table-top games because we are “gamers.” Someday I hope we have the pleasure of making a Nancy Drew game that […]

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