Video Game Day + Fan Paintings

Howdy Amateur Sleuths! Did you know today is Video Game day? If you don’t have the Dossier titles Lights! Camera! Curses! or Resorting to Danger! you have a few hours left to get the digital download for 50% off. These are quite fun to play as you wait for the next Nancy Drew game to come out. 😉 Will you be celebrating Video Game day by playing any games?


Sam sent in some fan art: canvas paintings of a few familiar sayings and icons!


We have a belated birthday to announce!

-Little Jackalope

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5 responses to “Video Game Day + Fan Paintings”

  1. Amy says:

    I just got Lights, Camera, Curses! I really hope HeR had published Ship of Shadows. Maybe you’ll make it as an adventure game in the near future? I really hope so and also Stay Tuned for Danger remastered…

    I had no idea today was Video Games Day. I guess that’s why when I woke up this morning (7/8/14 at around 7am Eastern) and played and completed Treasure in a Royal Tower and Secret of the Scarlet Hand.

    I love the fan art! I remember seeing my fan art I sent you guys awhile back. I got so excited when you posted it on the blog! Maybe I’ll do another one…

    Ta ta for now!
    – Amy

  2. Foundation2430 says:

    Are you a mind reader, by any chance? Just Kidding! I JUST did beat Resorting to Danger. It was pretty good. The bombs were annoying but it was fun. Lights, Cameras, Curses! was fun as well. The next one Ship of Shadows, I think. I read that you guys have created it but it has never been put out in stores.

    The only Nancy Drew game that I need to completely finish my collection is, Tomb of the Lost Queen.

    Still waiting for Labyrinth of Lies! I am excited to see and play what its about. I was playing Resorting to Danger and it has some Greek gods and Greek features in it.

    I know this isn’t related to Nancy Drew, but, have you guys ever heard of Adventures in Odyssey. It’s a audio program. It sort of reminds me sometimes of Nancy Drew.

    Anyway, this is a long post.

  3. Thanks for posting my art! I am really sick so this really cheered me up! unfortunately,I couldn’t get any games because I bought books,but books are good to.

  4. NancyDrewjr. says:

    Do you have the sheet music for the Nancy Drew theme?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      The main Nancy Drew theme? No, we do not have that in sheet music. 🙁 However, some fans have created YouTube videos of themselves playing ND music. One of them might have a tutorial video for you to watch!

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