Threats? Puuuhlease!

We shared this Nancy Drew moment recently from Message in a Haunted Mansion:


I always got excited to receive a threatening note from strangers. It means I was getting closer to the truth and really annoying the culprit(s)! Did this note scare you? Have there been notes that scared you in the past? Do you think Nancy would keep a collection or scrapbook of all the threatening notes she has received? Or is that too weird…? XD

We have a belated birthday shout-out! (Sorry Caitey!) 🙁


-Little Jackalope

9 responses to “Threats? Puuuhlease!”

  1. Charisma says:

    Last month was my birthday and i am on the message boards so just wondering why i didn’t get a birthday shout out

    P.S. It was my 13th birthday

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Charisma! Was your request made here on the blog? I can give you a shout out now, but I only see requests posted in comments here.

  2. Foundation2430 says:

    It intrigued me whenever I received a note. In WAC or in RAN you would recieve a note as you progress through te game. And as you said it is exciting to see that you are getting closer to the end.

  3. Foundation2430 says:

    I created my own note about Nancy Drew: Here is a crazy story I had done as a Nancy Drew Fan:

    I know this sounds stupid. But when I was about 12-13. When I first was introduced to Nancy Drew, I had just played A Nancy Drew game( cannot remember the exact game- there’s 29- my brain cannot remember the titles- sorry) anyway, I had wrote a note about someone being kidnapped and after I finished writing the note, I laid it on the ground and gently stomped on it to make it rough and old like, then I dabbed mud and dirt to make it look old and burned parts of it. Then by our mailbox, we had rocks around it and I stuck the note underneath of one of the rocks and after a few minutes I yelled for my brother to come see what I found. Is that crazy or what.

    Anyway, the actual notes never scared me, really. It made me more desperate to finish the game.

  4. CG says:

    Thanks for the shout out:) (it’s ok it’s late)

  5. shadow_ranch says:

    It would be funny if Nancy had a scrapbook of all the threatening notes (or notes luring her into a trap) that she’s received. There would just about be one from every game!

  6. Hadley says:

    My favorite threating note is the one in Warnings at Waverly 🙂

  7. Allison says:

    When I get the threatening note in MHM, it’s my tradition to act out Arglefumph’s infamous reaction. 😀

  8. SpyGirl says:

    Threatening notes are so cool.

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