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Memorable Characters

Check out this Throwback Thursday moment: Do you remember meeting this eccentric character for the first time in Treasure in the Royal Tower? She was quite the character! Some people, I hear, don’t like Hotchkiss. I on the other hand, find her fascinating and funny. She has so many different names for Nancy. She also […]

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Getting All the Food

Do you really like food in the Nancy Drew games? Eat food? Collect food? Make food? Are you a collector of ALL the souvenirs? Then this Nancy Drew moment might totally be you: It’s like a secret mission, a big goal, an accomplishment to collect all the food and souvenirs in the game. Have you […]

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While in… Venice

Ok sleuths, do you remember the answer to this Tuesday Trivia? When I played The Phantom of Venice, I loved this room. I thought it was so cool to have a home several stories high in the middle of a city surrounded by a canal. It’s so unique! Someday I would love to visit Venice […]

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