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Preparing Images for DED

I snapped a screenshot of what my computer looks like right now. I have just begun preparing images from The Deadly Device for our merchandise store. The process is a lot of fun! First I play through the game, looking for great images. I then create my list of high-resolution shots and send my list […]

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Inside the Artist’s Studio

Several months ago, (early March, 2012) I got permission from our Character Designer, Van, to snap some photos of what he was working on. This is a picture of his touch-ups to one of the characters in The Deadly Device. In the game, you are not likely to see this person’s feet, but know this: […]

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Creating Videos

I’ve been busying away at our next Amateur Sleuth Blog video (there is a good chance it will be posted on Friday…but, we shall see!) And this one features an interview with a small celebrity here in our office. Hint: it is a guy. Who would you guess him to be? (~.^) Stay tuned for […]

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A Cat? Where? o.O

My favorite day of the week! Monday! First I’d like to clear up a little concern. If you have seen the last video blog, (see previous post or the video “Amateur Sleuth Blog: The Deadly Device Characters” on our YouTube Channel) then you might remember the part near the beginning where I say that I […]

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