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Download The Deadly Device!

I suppose I have been talking about The Deadly Device a lot, huh? Well, why not? I’m just so excited for everyone to play it! And today, everyone who pre-ordered the digital download will get to download today! Whoo-hoo! The wait is over! Ok, enough exclamation marks…too much excitement….But it’s finally a “who-done-it” mystery! Ok, […]

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The Deadly Device Icon

Tomorrow is the first big release day of The Deadly Device! For those who pre-ordered the digital version of the game, you will get to download tomorrow! AHH! Yay!! If you pre-ordered the boxed game, we have already begun shipping. For a fun extra today, download the latest mobile wallpapers for The Deadly Device here! […]

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Video Blog and Weekend Puzzle #170

What a busy day! With The Deadly Device releasing into the wild, it has made for very fun, active-filled days! (Only 4 days left! Can I use enough exclamation marks in this post?!) First news: We interviewed our Director of Marketing, Jared! Read the interview now on the Dare to Play Blog here! Also, arglefumph […]

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Interview with Director of Marketing, Jared!

We interviewed our Director of Marketing, Jared! Her Interactive: How long have you worked at Her Interactive? Jared: A little over 2 years… Her Interactive: What do you do as the Director of Marketing? Jared: I manage a gifted team of marketing individuals that have a passion for Nancy Drew games and an unparalleled commitment […]

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Countdown to DED!

The time is nearing for you to play The Deadly Device! In only 5 days you get to start downloading, and we begin to ship the boxed games! I’m running out of time to reveal more secrets since you will soon learn everything that I’ve been hinting at. The suspense is building up! The mystery […]

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Character Concepts: Sneak Peak

In more of our recent titles (plus a fewer older game titles) we have shown you the character concepts. As part of our process here at Her Interactive, the characters for each game are created with a lot of love and care. The character ideas start with our Design team, primarily our Writer and Designer. […]

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Pumpkin Carving Contest!!

We have a third promotion going on here at Her Interactive! A pumpkin carving contest! What will you be carving? A magnifying glass? The Koko Kringle Kow? Ned’s face? A carousel horse? It’s up to you! Be creative! Go wild! This Nancy Drew silhouette was carved by a Her Interactive team member 6 years ago: […]

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Nancy Drew Pumpkin Carving Contest!

(Contest has now ended). Congrats to our winners!   Welcome to the Nancy Drew Pumpkin Carving Contest! Please read the following instructions and rules carefully. We want to be fair, and don’t want to disqualify anyone. Here’s the drill… (and if you’re still not sure about something, please email us at: Timeframe: Contest Starts: […]

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Dress Like a Detective

I didn’t get the chance to talk much about the Nancy Drew Costume prize! For those of you just tuning in, we have two contests attached to pre-ordering The Deadly Device (you can pre-order either the physical or digital to be automatically entered). Everyone who pre-orders the game during the pre-order period (September 17 — […]

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Interview with Arglefumph! (And puzzle #169)

Hooray! I got to interview Michael Gray, also known as arglefumph on YouTube! Michael stopped by our office while on a road trip for a grand tour, and agreed to answer some questions and tell some stories on camera. It was a lot of fun! Later he joined some team members and we played a […]

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