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Weekend Puzzle #167

Aaaaahhh! We some some exciting news that we’ve been itching to announce!! First of all, we have the cover art from The Deadly Device up in our Merchandise store, you know what looks really? A few of us in the office really like the look of “Electrify” (the image without the background of Niko getting […]

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Merchandise Store: The Deadly Device

We uploaded the cover art of The Deadly Device to our Merchandise Store! Pick an item in the store, such as a T-shirt, iPad Folio, pillowcase and more, then choose an image from the library to design your product! Stay tuned for more images to be added in the future.

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DED: Going for Gold

Last week the leads of the company gathered together in the conference room behind closed doors to each declare ceremoniously by speech and writing that from their perspective, The Deadly Device is FINAL! Each lead confirms their portion of the game is complete and meets our standards and satisfaction, and then they each sign their […]

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Preparing for DED Pre-Orders

Ah yes, today we were busying away with preparing for when The Deadly Device pre-orders start! (Which is Monday, ahh!) We are preparing a contest, contest images, a newsletter, images for our web site and one or two for our social media channels, and other little behind-the-scenes things. Oh my! I nearly forgot! I need […]

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The Deadly Device Characters!!

The characters of The Deadly Device have been revealed! Read more about each one on the Character Profiles page now! Check out the new weekly poll to the right. So tell me, which character are you most looking forward to speaking with in the game? Do any of them strike you as the suspicious type? […]

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A Week Before Pre-Orders!

We only have a week left before you can pre-order The Deadly Device! And based on the poll results to the right, 62% of voters are planning on pre-ordering, 5% said “no” to pre-ordering, while 32% say they will wait for the store release. 319 votes over the course of the week, and tomorrow I […]

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Weekend Puzzle #166

It’s Friday! You know what that means? Another chance to learn more about what secret projects we are working…and extra tidbits about our upcoming game: The Deadly Device! Enjoy, and have a great weekend! ~Click to view it as a larger image~ Don’t forget! The Back to School Sale is still going on! Use promo […]

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A Little Pizzaz

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, you might have noticed that we have updated our “look” to reflect The Deadly Device. TEAL is back!! I love this color scheme… Does it look dangerous? Electrifying? Intriguing? I think it’s a nice change. 🙂 Plus, it’s really fun to celebrate the upcoming game this […]

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Hmm…Videos? I think yes!

Today I’ve been working on collecting video clips and screenshots from The Deadly Device. These shots of me playing the game and interacting with the characters will be used for the official trailer that will be put together by one of our fantastic artists. Our Writer and Designer provided the narration by Nancy and offered […]

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Screenshots Tuesday!

We’ve had a long, relaxing weekend, and today we return to the office with several things to share! There is a lot to cover today, so let me make it simple: Back to school sale! Get 25% all digital games using promo code B2S2012 at checkout! (Sale ends Tuesday, September 11, 2012.) We had a […]

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