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Video Work: Christmasy Things (And Weekend Puzzle #294)

Today I’m working on a Christmas card kind of video. It won’t be ready for a few more days. But, I thought it might be somewhat interesting to show you what my computer screen looked like today: Don’t forget to work on your cookie contest entries this next week! Also, here’s your weekend puzzle. Haha, […]

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Clue Thieves (And Weekend Puzzle #293)

Happy Friday! Our animated Nancy Drew moment is from Warnings at Waverly Academy. Were you frustrated when Casper stole your clue? I was… I didn’t want to climb that tree… Here’s your weekend puzzle, enjoy! -Little Jackalope

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Thanksgiving Video Contest! (And Weekend Puzzle #292)

We have a new contest!! And here’s your weekend puzzle. Good luck! 1553132444243322 4311311543 113314 1334334415434443 4434 13343215 -Little Jackalope

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Friday the 13th (And weekend puzzle #291)

It is Friday the 13th! So we are having a sale on Message in a Haunted Mansion. So classic! Also, we heard the terrible news about the attacks in Paris. So sorry to hear this happen. Enjoy your weekend puzzle! (Mwahaha… I tried making it extra hard.) 😛 -Little Jackalope

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Danger & Weekend Puzzle #290

Have you ever read a Nancy Drew book or played a Nancy Drew game where the mystery didn’t involve at least a little danger? I can’t recall a single one…haha. This moment is from Tomb of the Lost Queen: Here is your weekend puzzle. Keyword: scarlet. MSGEIURUXEBFPUCSBIUBW -Little Jackalope

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Missing Chocolate + Weekend Puzzle #288

Today’s office story is about chocolate. The mystery was this: why is there no chocolate in the office? It was a short case to solve. We’ve all eaten it. The chocolate chip cookies were gone. The peanut butter cups were gone. My desk drawer has been emptied of candy bars. All that was left was […]

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Contests! (And Weekend Puzzle #287)

So many awesome things to announce! (This is all the mischief we have been up to this week.) 😉 First, Sea of Darkness won an award, yay! Second, we started our Pumpkin Contest! Whoo-hoo! Third, we have a new Cosplay contest! I’m REALLY excited to see how Nancy Drew fans plan to dress up! Will someone […]

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National Video Games Day (And Weekend Puzzle #286)

ThisTSaturday is National VideoEGames day! We areTcelebrating with a sale on Shadow at the Water’s Edge (in case you haven’t played it,Tyou canVget it for half off!)IThis sale is only good on Saturday,ASeptember 12th. I will certainlyObe celebratingRthis day by playing someEvideo games. But which Nancy Drew gameLshall I replay…? As for my silly secret […]

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Labor Day Weekend + Puzzle #285

It’s Labor Day Weekend! We will be out of the office to observe this, and we will be back in the office on Tuesday, September 8th. In honor of this, we have a sale on all of the Nancy Drew games! We don’t often have a sale on the physical games, so if you wanted […]

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Bloopers, Sales and Weekend Puzzle #284

The final video for “The Witch’s Treasure” is now live! Check out the blooper reel from our time of filming this series: And Ellie and I played a new Nancy Drew Board game! Check out the video here: We have a sale happening this weekend for the Dossier games! Shop for the games here. And […]

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