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Tradition and Fan Colorings

Takae likes family traditions. What traditions do you have with your family that is unique? (Features the game Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge.) I’m seeing a few coloring pages already posted to Facebook! Keep them coming! I love seeing fans’ works of art! (New coloring page to be released later.) -Little Jackalope  

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Ancient Tricks and Traps (Wisdom)

Abdullah has a lot of respect for the ancient Egyptians, so when he hears Nancy comment on hidden passages, puzzles, and secret rooms, it doesn’t surprise him. Who else was as excited as I was when you first discovered a hidden door in the tombs? Features Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen. We have […]

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Words of Wisdom – From Abby

I had a bit of trouble yesterday uploading pictures to the site, so I missed the blog post. Sorry! Here’s today’s words of wisdom by Abby, from Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion. I find it suspicious that she gives this bit of advice when she clearly knows Nancy is a skeptic for ghosts. […]

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Turkeys and Turkey People

Today we have words of wisdom from Joseph Hughes. Quoted from Nancy Drew: The Final Scene: And then we crazy animated gifs of terribly mean turkeys, shared by @RiarkleEndGame via as an example: I shouldn’t laugh. -Little Jackalope

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March Madness 2017

We begin March Madness today! This is just for fun. We wanted to hear your vote on what the best puzzle/activity is on this list, check out the updated brackets each day on our contest page here. To vote each day, follow us on Twitter and look for the daily poll! By the way, today’s […]

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The Wisdom of Wade

This was today’s Wednesday Wisdom. I’m not entirely sure I understand what he means, but it seems very philosophical. 😉 Have you played Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall? If not, get the game today to better understand the context, and of course, nab a ghost! -Little Jackalope

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Valentine Contest Winners!

The office has voted. Thanks to all who participated in the 2017 Valentine’s Day Card Contest! You can see the winners in their respective categories on the contest page here. Below are the large versions, click each picture for a closer look! On a side note, here’s today’s words of wisdom, brought to you by […]

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Wednesday Wisdom

Today’s words of wisdom come from Renate of Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse. I think she has a good point. 😉 Reminder! Tomorrow is the beginning of our next Twitch party! Follow us here. -Little Jackalope Save

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KoKo Kringle Day 2017

Tonight’s the big night! Have your account set up and double-check your mailing address before ordering a Nancy Drew game. 😉 Here are all the fun graphics we have prepared for this day:   On a separate note, today is our first Wednesday Wisdom lesson from Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel. Be inspired. Learn deep […]

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