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Second Time Game Play

Do you ever go back to one of your already-solved mystery games to replay it? I admit I do. If you are one of the fans who owns every single Nancy Drew game, all that there is left to do while waiting for the next title, is to replay the older ones. (If you are […]

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The Music of Egypt and Science

Nobody panic! If you’ve checked out our web site or have noticed the conversation on the Message Boards… we are not retiring Warnings at Waverly Academy, in fact we updated our site today to better clarify. Once the physical box copies of WAC are sold out, we will not be re-stocking them. The digital download, […]

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Weekend Puzzle #154

Due to technical difficulties, the Thursday post did not go live. And now we time travel from Wednesday to Friday, whereupon we have a few announcements: We have not one, but 2 sales going on this weekend! In honor of Father’s Day, we have Secret of the Old Clock available for  25% the digital download, […]

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Creative People (and Fans!)

Update: Nothing to report on the Egg Mystery. 🙁 I wish I had more clues to go off of… Today I wanted to focus on some creative people. First: Happy sweet 16th birthday Sarah!! I hope you had a great one! Sorry, but I ate your Koko Kringle Kupcake over here… One of our former […]

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Weekend Puzzle #143 = CONTEST!

Just as a head’s up, we are having an April Fool’s Weekend sale on The Captive Curse digital download. Lukas is a known prankster at Castle Finster, do you think you can avoid falling for his tricks? Mwahaha! If you haven’t played The Captive Curse, you can purchase the digital download for 25% off now […]

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