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Do you ever go back to one of your already-solved mystery games to replay it? I admit I do. If you are one of the fans who owns every single Nancy Drew game, all that there is left to do while waiting for the next title, is to replay the older ones. (If you are still collecting every mystery in the Nancy Drew series, which ones are you going to get and play next?)

Personally, I like to replay the games in order to play the story order differently. My habit may be to talk to all the characters first when I begin the game, but the second and third time I play, I try to collect all the awards at the end, spend time hunting for Easter Eggs, and enjoy replaying puzzles and fun activities, like filling orders at the snack shop in Warnings at Waverly Academy.

However, when it goes to the scary mysteries, that first initial scare moment is not quite the same as the first time I began the mystery. In fact, I look forward expectantly to seeing the scare scenes! With Ghost of Thornton Hall, it’s still a bit surprising since you can’t be 100% sure when Charlotte’s ghost appears…at least..I can’t put my finger on when that exactly happens…yet.

Anyways, this is what my reaction looks like when I get to see the ghost again:

Yep. Nerd.

I’m curious…what do you look forward to when playing a Nancy Drew game? Either new or already played mysteries?

~Little Jackalope~

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  1. For me when I play older games, I always want to try and replay it in a different route, to see if it’ll make more sense to the plotline (if you get what I’m saying). I always feel when I’m in the game, I’m actually IN it, and everything I see around me, it’s blanked out and inside the game is replaced.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I guess I look forward to hopefully having Frank and Joe as phone friends,or meeting new guys like Dylan <3. The skelly guy in CRY still gets me at the beginning,but I try to play at night to make it even better!

    From me,

  3. William D says:

    In an old one: I look forward to trying the different responses Nancy can use, replaying the puzzles, and overall the whole storyline!
    In a new one: I look forward to discovering the dark secrets, or being discovered by them XD (You have made a fatal error :P) I like to look at the art of the game, all the little details.
    I have played so many games over and over, but I play the Nancy Drew ones again the most. (The ones I play again and again are :Trail of the twister, Message in a Haunted Mansion, Shadow at the Water’s Edge, Captive Curse, Creature of Kapu Cave, and now, Ghost of Thornton hall! I have played it 2 times in 4 days :/ I can’t anymore though, because I lent it to my sister :,( Well actually for her it’s :D) Oh well. What is your favorite game to replay agin and again?

  4. ND's #1 fan says:

    Oh ya. I replay mine all. the. time.
    (^_^) Total nerd. But right now i’m playing TOT for the first time! It’s great! (PS, LJ, I found the jackalope display @ Ma and Pa’s store, and instantly thought of you and how you got your nickname!)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oooooo πŸ˜€ i love going back and tring new stuff with the games, like with ransom of seven ships, i ate guava and checked stuff off while johny role told me all his plans πŸ˜‰

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am a nancy drew nerd too πŸ˜› i love narrating the whole time i play the games


  7. Whew, another 7 hours of serving chicken…my ND merch list is what keeps my feet going, my poor feet are so tired. Every time I think “okay, I’m ready to go home.” I think of future ND games and merch items and that iPhone I want;)
    Well, I must admit I haven’t played a ND game in a while….I’ve been Simming and Minecrafting>.< BUT, i have a reason! I’m waiting a while until I play the games again because, I would like to forget a few puzzles so it’ll be more exciting to me:) but I’m ready to pull out my favorites now.
    Well you look better than I did when I saw Charlotte for the SECOND time. It still scared me to death! Lol

  8. Nancydrewparodies says:

    Ooh, first comment! My favorite thing to do while replaying the games is to answer those “one time” questions differently. (You know, when YOU are asked a question by the character, well I like to try the other options to see what happens, since -unless you save and load your game- once you have chosen a “one time” response, you can’t see what the other options do.) Yeah, so, I really enjoy that.

    For some reason, I also like to look for glitches in the games. Sometimes its fun, (found a way to get extra money from Karl in CAP.) And sometimes, finding glitches isn’t so much fun. (In SAW, do NOT try to do EVP recordings after everyone has gone to bed, otherwise you will end up with just a bunch of tracks of spooky ghost noise and nothing of… Importance… Also Nancy won’t let you delete any of your useless tracks.)

    I like getting as many awards as possible. πŸ˜‰

    I just want to ask you something… Since starying with GTH, we will be able to skip conversations, does this mean that you will change all future conversations to look like the ones in the dosssier games? ‘Cause, that would be HORRIBLE! I hardly even used the skip conversations button and I really like the realisticness of the adventure game characters!

    Please reply!

  9. Anissa says:

    I alwies look forward to talking to the phone characters over and over im just wierd like that πŸ™‚

  10. Virgina says:

    I would talk to Charlottee the first time we played the game. And when I replay a game, I try to look for deeper meanings in it. I also like to see what different order I can do things.

  11. Rachel Stevens says:

    I look forward to the atmosphere. The games I get caught playing when I have some down time, are the ones that relax me such as my favorite game Danger By Design and another game with great atmosphere, The Creature of Kapu Cave. I love the music from those games as well as the fact that they take place outside for the most part and the weather is nice. Keep making games like that πŸ˜€

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey LJ I’M Whitney and I’m having my 13th birthday on the 29th this month do you think you could make one those cool name things please i would really appreciate that.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I too love to play the games in order, but I rarely do things differently. Lately, I have taken to playing the games just to listen to the soundtracks, then explore the amazing artwork, then become immersed in the storyline. I actually try to pretend that I am in that mystery for the first time every time. Every time I play Stay Tuned for Danger I visit NY in my head, and The Final Scene I visit St. Louis. I don’t even need to change up anything, I pretty much can just play straight through LOL.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Could we make our own Sonny that looks like the real one if we can’t print it?

    I know, it has nothing to do with this post. But please answer if you have the time. Thank you!


  15. Anonymous says:

    Haha, yes, I replay them all so much. I’ve played all of them over and over and over again. Probably more than anyone and I’m not exaggerating! I love the games.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE playing Nancy Drew games over again. Mostly the older ones though.There’s something about the nostalgia of them…also I just love taking notes, as you had to do with those games…I get out a new little notebook and pencil and…yes, I’m a ND nerd too… πŸ˜‰

  17. Isis4ever says:

    I replay games all of the time! Just this week, I replayed SSH (my favorite), FIN, and DAN. I still haven’t played SCK, ASH, TMB, and DED. I’ll probably play ASH next. There are definitely puzzles I like to replay over and over again, like the snack shop in WAC and the monkeys’ games in RAN. I love to replay all of the games since I don’t really have a least favorite. I love them all! Which game is your favorite to replay, LJ?

  18. glyphgirl says:

    Yes, I like to replay games, especially to look for easter eggs. And my games just all burned up in one of the colorado wildfires, so I am eager for HI to introduce a “collect the whole set” special! I had just gotten Ghost Dogs and hadn’t even loaded it yet, so that’s the next one I’ll get if I don’t order a set. And TRT, because it’s one of my faves and I want to snatch it up before it’d discontinued! Can’t replace all the bonus editions, but at least some of those were still loaded on the laptop I saved.

  19. Hey!
    I have this kind of OCD tendency where I’m not allowed to beat any of the new games unless and until I’ve beaten every single game before that one. So with my class and work schedule, that can be a little bit tricky.. As such, (and don’t hate me!) I have yet to beat TMB, I haven’t played DED and I own GTH but haven’t even taken it out of the package yet. But as crazy as that sounds… it makes me even more excited for when I finally get to those games. Just thought I would share!


  20. Anonymous says:

    I replay to try to get all the second chances that I didn’t get the first time I played.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Out of the older games Secret of the Old Clock is my favorite. I love the puzzles and plot and characters. And that you get to drive around River Heights in 1930!!!! It is so cool how it takes place then.

    From the newer games I’d have to say Warnings at Waverly Academy. The setting is awesome. I loved the library and all the characters. Especially Rachel Hubbard and you know who! Also, the snack shop challenge was really fun. I played it whenever I was stuck.


  22. FAN OF ND says:

    Hello LJ! I was reading the comments and got so confused. On most of the comments there are abbreviations of the Nancy Drew games. Do you think you could tell me what each one means? If so that would be great!
    P.S. ALL I know is that GTH stands for Ghost of Thornton Hall. πŸ™‚

  23. SiennaRose says:

    Here you go FAN OF ND: πŸ™‚
    SCK – Secrets Can Kill
    SCK2 – Secrets Can Kill Remastered
    STFD – Stay Tuned for Danger
    MHM – Message in a Haunted Mansion
    TRT – Treasure in the Royal Tower
    FIN – The Final Scene
    SSH – Secret of the Scarlet Hand
    DOG – Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
    CAR – The Haunted Carousel
    DDI – Danger on Deception Island
    SHA – The Secret of Shadow Ranch
    CUR – Curse of Blackmoor Manor
    CLK – Secret of the Old Clock
    TRN – Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
    DAN – Danger by Design
    CRE – Creature of Kapu Cave
    ICE – The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
    CRY – Legend of the Crystal Skull
    VEN – The Phantom of Venice
    HAU – The Haunting of Castle Malloy
    RAN – Ransom of the Seven Ships
    WAC – Warnings at Waverly Academy
    TOT – Trail of the Twister
    SAW – Shadow at the Water’s Edge
    CAP – The Captive urse
    ASH – Alibi in Ashes
    TMB – Tomb of the Lost Queen
    DED – The Deadly Device
    GTH – Ghost of Thornton Hall
    SPY – The Silent Spy
    LCC – Lights, Camera, Curses!
    RED – Resorting to Danger
    SOS – Ship of Shadows (Shelved)
    iSHA – Secret of Shadow Ranch (iPhone/iPod/iPad version)

  24. fan of nd says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! now I can understand what it means thanks so much!

  25. Melanie says:

    Hi I love replaying these games…I WISH they could create multi linear games with replay value. Imagine a game where a different answer sends you on a different path,and I don’t just mean dialogue responses,I mean a new room opens up, a new clue, more access to different games or chores. I love chores, WWIC is one of my favs because of the chore schedule. Imagine if you answer yes instead of no or insult or don’t insult and you get a different clue that leads you to a different key that opens a room, with a new game, it really would add to replay value and make the games that only come out 1-2 x a year much more valuable. Just my 2 cents…love the games:)

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