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Day Two: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

In two hours we will continue our live Twitch stream of Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. Today, intern Indy will be playing and I will be commenting. If you are new to Twitch, you don’t need an account to simply watch the show, but if you want to comment in the live chat feed and […]

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Day One: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

We finished day 1 of playing Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake and gave away 2 Koko Kringles! Watch now on Twitch, or on YouTube here: Hope to see you tomorrow when Indy takes control of the mouse! -Little Jackalope

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Day 4 Twitch Party

Yesterday was SUPER busy and I ran out of time to write a blog post. >_< Anyways, I’ve finally uploaded the last Twitch party day (day 4) to our YouTube channel for everyone to watch. (We solved Curse of Blackmoor Manor.) Enjoy! Here’s the start of the Twitch party in the Twitch playlist: Since I […]

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Tuesday Fun and Twitch Day 4

We posted some fun graphics today from Trail of the Twister… …and The Captive Curse. Tonight’s the final night of our Twitch party! We are going to complete Curse of Blackmoor Manor! Join us here! -Little Jackalope

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Twitch Party: CUR Day 3

Tonight we pick up where we left off from Friday’s Twitch party! We will continue playing Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor and will be giving away 3 more KoKo Kringles. 😉 Since it is unlikely we will finish the game tonight, the stream will also continue tomorrow/Tuesday. If you missed the two streams last […]

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Mother’s Day! (And Weekend Puzzle #307)

Happy Mother’s Day weekend! We are celebrating with a sale on the game that surrounds the story of Nancy Drew’s mom; The Silent Spy. You can shop for it here. Our Twitch party will continue tonight! Stay tuned for further info on when we can make up the missed day. 😉 Hope to see you […]

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Postponing Leaves Fans in Suspense

This blog post title sounds like a newspaper headline, haha. There will be no Twitch party tonight, as we are indeed postponing until tomorrow. Why? We have a big project to work on here at the Her Interactive office, and it is time sensitive. No peeking! But you can still take advantage of the Twitch […]

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Twitch Party: CUR Day 1

Tonight’s the night! Our first day streaming Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor. We are giving away 3 KoKo Kringles to a lucky viewer. (Come join us to learn how you could potentially win these.) You do not need an account to watch us here, but if you want to be alerted to when we […]

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Construction and Game Renovations

Downstairs from our office (we are on the second floor of our building) a lot of construction is happening. We hear all kinds of mysterious sounds and voices right below us, but what’s really cool is seeing the transformation. There used to be three conferences rooms, a kitchen, and office space, but now all the […]

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Fan Art and CNC Preview!

We released a new preview for our game app for kids 5 and up! Check it out! Also, we have some really talented fans: As for the weekend puzzle, here are the answers below. Once you figured out which image is from which Nancy Drew game, count the letters in the game title to find […]

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