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Twitch Party! Day One: The Final Scene

Hey all! We are starting our  first day in the Twitch LIVE party in 30 minutes! Head over to Twitch and join us as we play The Final Scene tonight! -Little Jackalope

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Actress Cast As Nancy Drew

Have you heard the news? CBS has cast Sarah Shahi as Nancy Drew in the upcoming TV show “Drew.” What do you think? Here’s the full article. Also, it was announced that Vanessa Ferlito will play George Fayne! That article is here.   As for the weekend puzzle, it was braille. Translated it says [If […]

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Party Alert: The Final Scene!

In the weekend puzzle I clued you all into this, but today we are officially announcing that we are having another Twitch party! This next 3-day event will take place next week with The Final Scene (which also takes place in 3 days.) To get the alert, and to participate in live chat, login to […]

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Completing Shadow Ranch

Well, sadly the party’s over on Twitch. At least for this week! We posted all three days of our playing The Secret of Shadow Ranch up onto YouTube for everyone to watch and re-watch. It was such fun! Here’s the third and final day: You all were great fun to communicate with and host for, […]

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