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Pumpkins and Cosplays – The Final Countdown

There is less than a week left to enter into the Pumpkin Carving and Cosplay contests! Some really cool entries have come in, too. I must share these with you. (Hopefully they will inspire you to enter!) A certain song is stuck in my head today…it’s because of today’s Trivia Tuesday question: Do you remember […]

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The Random Things You Remember

After playing and replaying games like Curse of Blackmoor Manor, you realize how many facts, trivia and otherwise useless knowledge you have stored up in your mind. Perhaps it is just me, but I spend so much time in the Nancy Drew universe that I remember things like Arm and Anvil Baking Soda, molasses added […]

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Contest Winner!

We had soooo many great t-shirt entries come in this month! We must admit: it was REALLY hard this time to narrow it down to one winner. I wish I could re-create them all in the merch store so that they can all be available. However, we can only have one, and the team has […]

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T-Shirts and Trivia

More t-shirt entries have been coming in! We posted many on our contest page, but many are posted on Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest via the hashtag #NancyDrewFashion. That’s how you can look them up. (If you sent in an entry via email, don’t worry if you don’t see it posted right away. We are […]

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Postcards and Summer Trivia

I received an awesome postcard from fan Rozanna! She and her family are camping in South Dakota, apparently a great spot for Jackalope sightings. Thanks for sending me the postcard, Rozanna! LOVE it! Today’s Trivia Tuesday is from the classic Nancy Drew game The Secret of Shadow Ranch. Do you recall Tex’s sister’s name? 😉 […]

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Trivia Tuesdays

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen our Trivia Tuesday posts. How well do you think you are doing on answering these? Some of these are hard, others are easy, and yet others are “grrr…I should totally know this, and it’s on the tip of my tongue…. but….” So do […]

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While in… Venice

Ok sleuths, do you remember the answer to this Tuesday Trivia? When I played The Phantom of Venice, I loved this room. I thought it was so cool to have a home several stories high in the middle of a city surrounded by a canal. It’s so unique! Someday I would love to visit Venice […]

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Trivia Games (And Weekend Puzzle #243)

We have made a lot of Nancy Drew games. Therefore, we have a lot of random Nancy Drew trivia questions we could share. Do you follow us on Twitter or Facebook? Facebook especially has a lot of fun trivia questions and mini-mysteries posted to our wall. Check back each Tuesday for a new trivia question […]

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Game Question and Puzzle Answer

It’s another late night, and I’m archive digging. It’s kind of like treasure hunting…Nancy Drew games style. Like yesterday’s post, I never know what exciting things I am about to come across. I was just as excited as you all were about finding that concept art for Secret of the Scarlet Hand. Now I have […]

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