Sneaking Secrets

I can’t even tell you all the secrets that we hold here in the Her Interactive office! There are sooo many amazing tidbits… but I must behave myself while I attempt to clue you in on what’s going on without spoiling anything too early. *Breathe* Ok, here goes:

We have something new coming up, and we might announce it this Friday…but it involved me doing some “searching” and putting some “pieces” together to make one whole “unit” of which is helpful for this “season”. That is all I shall say until later. So keep an eye open for what we are “updating”. Oh, and just a head’s up…you will want to have Pre-ordered (or will soon be pre-ordering) The Deadly Device for this. 😉

Another secret:  I’ve seen the Adventure Matters Contest top secret list of potential locations that Nancy should visit in ND#30. *Gasp* And it’s an amazing list, trust me, we have been paying close attention to every one’s thoughts and comments and ideas that have come in via email, posted on Facebook, and most importantly, the Game Suggestions forum on our Message Boards. Even my favorite choice is on that list! (If you want to learn more about this contest, visit our web page here.)

Not-so-secret revealed: I will be discussing the characters of The Deadly Device (without giving away too many spoilers) in the next Blog Video on YouTube. 😉

That is all. My lips are sealed. You will not budge another word from me. Not even about the sale we are going to have soon.


~Little Jackalope~

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5 responses to “Sneaking Secrets”

  1. Ah! You’ve got me so excited to hear the secret! 😀 😀 I wish more than anything that TN is on that list! Probably not, but I really hope it is! 😀 can’t wait for your next vlog:)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Lots of secrets. Do the quotes( ” ” ) you made have anything to do with more secrets??

    From me,

  3. Anonymous says:

    Man I am really hoping Bayport is on that list!!! And something else, I finally was able to play ASH (I can explain it to you later LJ) and I can’t figure out what Nancy put in the Time Capsul. Can you give me any hints? I look forward to y’all revealing y’alls ”secrets” Friday.


  4. Tiffany says:

    Nancy should soooo go to Hong Kong! It would truly establish the differentiation between the Japanese and Chinese culture, plus, it’s a true ‘east meets west’. Hong Kong was taken over by the British at some point, so almost everything is in English. In addition, the food there is just AMAZING.

  5. Teagpow says:

    I finely got to play the ASH too got the mystery done in 2 days woohoo

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