Alien – I’m in!

For those of you who have played Tomb of the Lost Queen, this last weekend puzzle was for you. After following closely to the directions (and not tripping up over the few stumbling blocks a few of you caught — my typo!) you should get this: [Are you Alien or Alie-out?]. If you might recall, Jamila said this quote after Nancy asks her about Sonny Joon.

If you haven’t figured already, I am a fan of this elusive character, whom we have never seen, but whose doodles and notes can be found throughout a few games.

Here I am wearing the Sonny Joon book design from Tomb of the Lost Queen, you can design your t-shirt with this art in our Merchandise store. I also wanted to take a second to let you know this fact: when designing something in the store, you might encounter a white square border or background on the preview to you right. This is normal, and will not show up on your item. It will if it is any other color, but you do not have to worry if it is only white. 🙂

Oh, and there is a TMB screensaver now available to download on the downloads page. 😉
~Little Jackalope~


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad you explained. I figured it out but the typo really stumped me. I also wasn’t sure about the white square because I like to design stuff (I just haven’t bought yet) Where does it say you can change colours? I’ve only seen white shirts.

    From me,

  2. Anonymous says:

    Little J-

    I’ve been playing the games, and I’m starting to notice a trend with journalists: they are always the culprits! How sad is that?! Not all journalists are criminals…is there going to be a game to break the pattern?

    Also, Wal Mart didn’t have Tomb in last Tuesday, even in the evening. Very, very disappointing. Just wanted to let you know; I was looking forward to that soooo much!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love Sonny Joon too!! Will we ever meet him? (But under disguise of course… wouldn’t want to ruin the mystery COMPLETELY!)

    ~Sonny Joon fan

  4. i love the puzzle answer! 😀
    Look what I got for my birthday yesterday!
    i’ve wanted a HeR tshirt ever since you uploaded pictures from GirlFest with y’all wearing these tshirts a year ago! 😀 I think i can safely say I think I may be your biggest fan. 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    the screen saver is sooo awesome!!! 😀

  6. Amy M. says:

    Are we ever going to see Sonny Joon in the games???

  7. @Silvertongue — There are only white t-shirts available, and the girls’ ringer t-shirt, which is a little bit peach.

    @Anonymous — Did you ask your Walmart if they carried that game?

    @~Sonny Joon fan — Perhaps someday we will meet him! Nothing is confirmed for the next game, though.

    @Future HeR Animator — Happy Birthday to you!! That shirt looks great on you! XD

  8. 😀 😀 Thank you Little J!!!
    That shirt has to be the softest shirt I have ever worn! 🙂 I really like how you have the design on the shirt, it won’t peel off like other designs.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What games are Sonny Joon in? DAN is the only one i’ve played where his doodles are in it and once Nancy picks them up she commented, “These doodles look familiar… Sonny! Sonny Joon did these! Man, that guy sure gets around!”
    – Nancy Drew’s #1 fan

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