Summer is Coming!

Summer 2018 is nearly upon us, and for me this means re-creating Nancy Drew moments out in the real world. This weekend I went for a drive, did a little exploring, had a pastry and coffee from a great little coffee shop called Blackbird Bakery, and did a little gardening. Thankfully I do not have crazy wasps or locusts hovering around me to annoy and get in the way. How was your weekend? What Nancy Drew things do you hope to do this summer?

Maybe you would like to come inside to our air-conditioned office and do some computer work? Maybe work with me and Tess, and others in the Nancy Drew games company? If this sounds like your type of Mystery Adventure, check out our new internship posting on our Jobs page!

-Little Jackalope

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  1. Sakura says:

    Hi LJ! Interning at Her is the biggest dream of all ND fans!!! I’m planning on lerning how to video edit, use Photoshop, etc. So I might come work with you guys in the future:) By the way, I think the link doesn’t work, could you fix it? This year I plan to go to Ok like Nancy in TOT, It’s not my first time there, but it’s been awhlie, so I’m super excited!

  2. JENNA says:


  3. Sophie says:

    Hey LJ!
    Do you ever offer any other internships besides marketing? If so, what kind? Usually all I see are the marketin internships.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Sophie! If the other departments needed or chose to have internships, we would certainly post them. Most of the time, we offer just the marketing ones.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I would soooo love to do this, but I live all the way on the other side of the US…but working for Her interactive would be my dream!! I think I would love to be a concept artist for the games because that would be so cool. I’m always drawing Nancy drew characters. 🙂 Anyway I’m sure whoever gets the job is gonna have a lot of fun because they’re probably going to get into promos for MID and stuff. And meet LJ of course!

    (Also if you DID have wasps and locusts, you could get that lovely spraying thing from the phantom of Venice and legend of the Crystal Skull haha!!)

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