A Nancy Drew Adventure

Ok, so it wasn’t really a full-on adventure that I had, but I did take a walk during a lunch break and came across this building.

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It looked very mysterious and looked like a setting for a Nancy Drew environment, so I had to take some pictures. This was a courtyard for the building, like a little outdoor park or garden that was locked. (Therefore I couldn’t get a closer look.) What mysteries could possibly take place in a courtyard like this, I wonder?

We have a birthday to celebrate!


-Little Jackalope

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5 responses to “A Nancy Drew Adventure”

  1. The Red Wolf says:

    Maybe something’s buried in there like under the fountain (if there is one) or something’s forgotten like a note (Castle Malloy ref) or a necklace/wedding ring.

  2. DWard14 says:

    Why don’t you get the whole Her Interactive drew together, find out who owns the building, get them to let you in (Or break in. Whatever’s easiest) and EXPLORE. Post some photos when you do! Maybe you could incorporate this place into a location in the next Nancy Drew game!

  3. Kit says:

    I totally saw that building on a trip from Pasadena to Seattle! We drove around the lake/bay/cape thingy that runs between the two areas, and saw it.

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