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Weekend Puzzle #207

A few things to announce today: We are having a Book Lover’s Day sale (today only) for one of our all-time favorite titles, The Secret of Shadow Ranch! It’s a super good deal (like $5 or $7.50 for the game) and if head over to our Facebook Page, you can get the secret code for […]

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// The Silent Spy Awaits.

// Are you ready for The Silent Spy? He or she is ready for you: // However, we need to get ready for Nancy Drew to take her trip…then you may travel to Scotland to find out about Kate Drew and what secrets The Silent Spy is holding. I’m going to start working on this […]

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Thinking Secrets Aloud…

Well, my oh my, sounds like I missed the excitement of the message board discussion concerning the secret messages! Something is supposed to happen those days, too, but I forget. Perhaps I should re-check our top-secret calendar…eh, maybe I’ll remind myself later. Oh! I should pry get to work on some more snooping stuff..maybe you’d […]

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The SPY Release

Hm, looks as if no one found the secret message in yesterday’s post. 😉 Just trying to keep your minds alert and detective-level observant. Since we are starting to talk about the latest game, now, Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy, we may be dropping vague hints here and there for you to piece together and […]

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SPY Bugs

The bugs are jumping around The Silent Spy this week as we further test and work on the game. For those who aren’t familiar with the jargon word “bugs” in our production cycle, here’s what we mean: Bugs are errors and hang-ups in the game. They can be anything from the game crashing, to characters […]

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Weekend Puzzle #206

As I mentioned earlier, there are several great photos that were submitted to our Where’s Sonny? Contest! and I know I get to share with you a few of them! A couple of the winners that were randomly selected had entered other pictures with Sonny, check them out! When Sonny’s in the picture, who can’t […]

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The Middle of Summer = Sonny!

“Last Summer Days”… Aw, that title sounds too sad. I shall rename it *scribble eraser sounds here*. There. “The Middle of Summer = Sonny!”. That’s happier. The Where’s Sonny? Contest! Has ended for the summer and the winners have been selected! Out of all the entries that came in through Facebook and email, we had […]

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The Beginning of Busy

I’m going to try my best over the course of the next few months to limit my use of the word “busy”, because for me and some other team members here, this is the beginning of our busy season. Approaching the launch of Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy we have a lot of things to […]

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