Weekend Puzzle #206

As I mentioned earlier, there are several great photos that were submitted to our Where’s Sonny? Contest! and I know I get to share with you a few of them!

A couple of the winners that were randomly selected had entered other pictures with Sonny, check them out! When Sonny’s in the picture, who can’t help but smile? Too cute!

More favorite photos to come, but in the meantime, try solving this weekend puzzle for a hint from The Silent Spy!

For a random thought…have you experienced this Nancy Drew moment? I know I sure have! Several times!

We’ve got some birthdays this weekend! Yay!

~Little Jackalope~

6 responses to “Weekend Puzzle #206”

  1. Nadi says:

    Is it weird to think that it looks as though you can stab that guy in the back… He also looks kind of creepy from the back…

  2. ND's #1 fan says:

    Oh cute pics LJ! And yes, every time I play I worry! LOL XD Who knew you could be fired just for picking unripe veggies? :0

  3. #11 “The tire sauce, C.V.P!” (C.V.P. = Charles Vanderhorn Penvellyn, so that must mean the title is Curse of Blackmoor Manor! Good one, LJ!) (Or The Captive Curse)

    #7 The Final Scene (this one isn’t NEARLY as clever as the last one… 😉 )

    #8 The Phantom of Venice (*yawn*)

    #4 Tales Under the Ochua (Not only have I solved this clever anagram, I have also deduced who came up with it–Joe Hardy! Who else would misspell such a commonplace word like “ocha” (Romansch for “goose”)? This title is Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. Next time hand that pencil to Charleena Purcell, Joe! 🙂 ) (Or The Haunted Carousel)

    #5 “Gardens be Dying” <—This refers to Ezra Wickford’s secret garden in Treasure in the Royal Tower! (Or less likely, the straightforward Danger by Design.)

    #7 “The Daddy Eel Vice” <—This could also spell “The Deadly Device,” but Sonny Joon’s involvement is much more likely than such a straightforward anagram.

    #4 Secrets Can Kill (…that’s why there’s a Second Chance option. 🙂 )

    #8 “Heil! Lana is in base.” <– This screams World War era cryptogram, so I’m going to assume this title is Danger By Design! (or a really cool street name in River Heights: Alibi in Ashes Lane!)

    #5 Trail of the Twister (The really twister Nancy Drew’s on the trail of is Sonny Joon!)

  4. Allison says:

    Oh I do get so scared when it’s tie to bring Shorty the vegetables! 😀

    -Allison (ComicalCrafty)

  5. Candace says:

    Thanks for featuring my other photos! (= I can’t wait for the Silent Spy!!!

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