Identities Revealed!

…well, sort of.
The first identity revealed is the Easter Egg discovered by figuring out this past weekend’s puzzle! I was closely following your progress on this one, including your brain-storming of the past puzzle hints that were, let’s say, rather vague.

First things first: Weekend puzzle #135
Here’s how you solve it, the tough part is figuring out that this is a code: the hint “Computer” meant to search for a computer code, [ASCII]. You can either discover the full table/chart online, or follow the numbers in the grid by holding down [the alt key on your keyboard and punching in that number. Alt+46 is a period.]

You should get these answers:
[Two words. No vowels. No spaces. No numbers.] It’s another push to help you to finding the third “egg” in Alibi in Ashes. For those who would like to try to find it on their own, I’ll give you another day or two before I explain all of my vague clues. 😉

Another identity revealed today:
Me. Have you seen the Facebook comments on Megan’s photo that we posted to our wall? (They are hilarious, I was laughing out loud for a looooong time.) Well, it was such a fun contest for us, that a few certain people around the corner decided to turn the tables on me, and they shot my photo, then decided to post it up for another contest!

Ok, so this isn’t the best picture of me, but this is:
Head over to our Facebook page to submit your most creative caption for my photo…oh goodness…that just sounds so silly when I say that out loud…But if you don’t have an account, at least read the funny comments for Megan’s photo, they are sooo much fun!
~Little Jackalope~

4 responses to “Identities Revealed!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wait!I’m so confused..there’s more than one egg?? help me out Little Jackalope,did I miss a conversation somewhere?(I’m not on facebook or the messageboard)

    From me,

  2. Weekend puzzles #135, #134, #133, and #132 all hinted at a third Easter Egg.

    You can read the message board posts to see the thought processes, but I will also explain in today’s post. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    …It is THE best picture of you.

  4. Anonymous:
    I was about to say that it was, of course, the only picture of me…but that’s not true. 😉

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