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Ned Nickerson

Every once in a while it’s good to focus in on Nancy’s family and friends. A special one in particular is Ned Nickerson. The first time we get to see him in-game was as a phone avatar and in a picture in Nancy’s room in Alibi in Ashes, but his voice has been around since […]

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Birthdays in November + Winner

It’s always fun when some one’s birthday comes around, that’s when we get to kindly tease or celebrate with them…perhaps both. What’s extra nice is when a birthday treat comes in and everyone gets to partake in the desert. Today was a production worker’s birthday and cake was brought in to celebrate! Yum. Looks like […]

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11.11.11 = Weekend Puzzle #129 (Contest!)

Today is 11.11.11! In honor of such a day, we are holding another contest, and the prize is a free digital download of game #11 Curse of Blackmoor Manor. (You may help each other out on the message board if you’d like, but just remember to put all answer in spoiler code for those who […]

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Character Designer Interviewed!

I’m excited to announce that we interviewed our Character Designer, Van! Check out today’s Dare to Play blog post. I really like his designs. I admit I was a little worried about how Nancy’s friends would turn out…because I’m a little protective of how I envision them. But now I am very happy how they […]

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Snow, yet?

I’m hearing that many places in the U.S. are getting snow already! Winter is coming and it might just be me, but I thought I smelled snow in the air the other day. (Here at the office we don’t have any ice or snow yet.) It is getting colder, though, and my numbed fingers today […]

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Interview with Character Designer Van

We interviewed our Character Designer, Van! Her Interactive: How long have you worked at Her Interactive? Van: “I have been here about a year now and am coming close to finishing my second Nancy Drew title.” Her Interactive: What do you like about working at Her Interactive? I get to make video games along with […]

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Digging for Treasure = Brady?!

My version of treasure hunting is finding all sorts of little pieces of history, information and art from past and present games. I went digging for something specific and decided to take a detour, exploring the folders and files along the way. This one particularly caught my eye: A movie poster from The Final Scene […]

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British Nancy Drew

Over the weekend I visited with my Grandparents, and my Grandma gave me this: Check it out! This is a Great Britain 1974 printing of The Moonstone Castle Mystery, which I brought in to add to my office shelf. I find the different artwork fascinating, but what’s even more peculiar is that on the back […]

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Weekend Puzzle #128

Friday has come. It’s time for another intense brain-boggler! Ok…it’s not so much of a toughy this time, but good luck anyways! Hint: [There are 3 names included] *New announcement: We have a new page on our web site! Check out the Fan Testimonials. Have a good weekend! ~Little Jackalope~

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Nik and Cathy Interview!

Today we posted an interview with our writer Nik and designer Cathy on our Dare to Play Blog! This is especially a great read if you are curious on how the Nancy Drew games first start out.It takes a lot of thought to get just the right story, design, layout, pacing, and balance of puzzles, […]

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