Games and Puzzle Thursday

Today we had a company meeting to get updated an all that’s happening. We enjoyed pizza and salad while playing board games with each other. It’s worth the effort and patience to learn a new game! Several of us tried a new one called Dice Town, which had a cowboy and western theme. If the board had sound effects, it would probably sound like the pachinko game in the Museum in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon.

Another puzzle we tried was one a fan created. A while ago she sent us a package: Inside was a note and several envelopes with cut-up letters. It took a couple of us a bit of time to piece the letters together, and when we got stumped we gave it over to our puzzle wizard. It took her almost no time at all to finish it. (The answer was a web site address to some Christmas music. Gathered by the clues we have, it almost sounds like we will be getting a Christmas card from her later….yay!) We really enjoy it when we get letters and cards from fans. ^.^

Weekend puzzle tomorrow! (Will not be a contest this time).
~Little Jackalope~

2 responses to “Games and Puzzle Thursday”

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh how fun! I just don’t understand how you guys have time to play board games when you’re so very busy! Speaking of which, I have been wondering, do you put more time into the game you release in June/July because you have about 9 months to work on it where-as the Autumn game is released shortly after the Spring game? Does what I’m saying make any sense? Of course you work on things far in advance I’m sure…
    -Hannah (Drew Detective)

  2. Only on occasion do we play for fun. Other times we study board games and computer games to learn more.

    We put in the same amount of time into each game. When the designers finish one game and hand it over to the artists, the designers begin on the next game while everyone else finishes up the previous project. We are always working on two games (some of us three) at the same time. 🙂

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