Alibi in Ashes: Interview with Kevin and Keller on the Making of the Music

We interviewed Kevin Manthei and his daughter, Keller, on their collaboration of creating the soundtrack “Tension” for Alibi in Ashes!


Her Interactive: What were your inspirations for creating spooky music?

Keller: Every time I play the piano it just comes out spooky and scary. I like to play in minor keys. I just start playing until something really good comes out.

Kevin: I like to imagine where the piece would play and I focus on the adjectives Her Interactive gives me like: unsure, anxious, edgy.  These adjectives really help!


Her Interactive:  How did Keller contribute to the making of “Tension”?

Keller: I wrote a little piece on the piano and then my Dad based “Tension” on my piece.  I asked my Dad if he could use the song on one of his projects and he said yes and thought the Nancy Drew game would be perfect. In my Dad’s studio he sat in front of the computer and I stood on the side and watched how he did everything. The first part of the piece was my music played in pizzicato strings. Then my Dad made lots of variations and added other things to it. I stayed and listened and gave my opinion on the piece as he worked on it.


Her Interactive: What sounds did you use? (Instruments, effects, etc)

Keller: Pizzicato Strings, Piano, Bass Drum, Flute, Strings, Harp

Kevin: We used live violin in this piece – I love working with real musicians!


Her Interactive: What can you imagine is happening when this music plays?

Keller: Someone is getting chased!

Kevin:  Knowing how smart the people are at Her Interactive, they will find plenty of great places for this piece in the game.  I just think of many tense moments in the game where this can play.


Her Interactive: What thoughts and steps did it take to get the final piece?

Keller: About 500!

Kevin:  🙂  With this piece there was some added effort of working with Keller – getting her idea into the computer and transforming it from a piano song into an orchestral song and then working on the variations of her ideas.


Her Interactive: What is your favorite part of making “Tension”?

Keller: All the different beautiful sounding instruments.  I like spending time with my Dad too!

Kevin: Working with Keller and having fun hearing her ideas and thoughts as we worked on it.


Thanks Kevin and Keller for taking the time to talk to us about the music you have created for Alibi in Ashes! The music is suspenseful and adds intensity and urgency to the story and game play, which makes it a lot of fun.

Alibi in Ashes is available to purchase in our shop. Get the game with Kevin and Keller’s music playing in the background as you try to solve the arson case and save Nancy’s reputation.

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