Ready for Halloween? (And Weekend Puzzle #127)

It’s the weekend before Halloween! This means parties and last-minute decorating for many of you. We are decked out with a few hints of the spooky season (see below). There are pumpkin lights hung along cubicles, blinking eyes posters, a rock wall wallpaper, giant spiders and a poor flier who crashed into a cubicle wall.
What are you planning to do this weekend? We are having a weekend sale on a few of our scary titles. You can get the digital download versions of Shadow at the Water’s Edge, Legend of the Crystal Skull, and Curse of Blackmoor Manor for 50% off! Now is the season to turn out the lights, close the doors and windows, and play a spooky game. o.O

If you already have the games that are on sale, there are some other options. Message in a Haunted Mansion, Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, The Haunting of Castle Malloy, and The Captive Curse are great for playing in the dark as well. (I felt pretty brave playing these games the first time, except for my most embarrassing moment when I played The Captive Curse for the first time in the office. I really did jump and squeal at one scene.)

On to the weekend puzzle!

Directions: –>4×6^
A=T-B and N=L-R
Combine the I and J. No X.


Have good one!
~Little Jackalope~

2 responses to “Ready for Halloween? (And Weekend Puzzle #127)”

  1. ROFL, love the spiders hanging over the office walls! 🙂

  2. Random Nancy Drew Fan =D says:

    Alphabet = Top to Bottom
    Numbers = Left to Right


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