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Cast Members in the Nancy Drew Movie

Hey all! Today it was shared who the cast is for the upcoming Nancy Drew movie. Check out the full article here! Here’s a still shot of the director, Katt Shea (left) with Sophia Lillis (center) as Nancy Drew, and Zoe Renee (right) as George. I did a little more picture-hunting for more of the […]

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In the News: Nancy Drew Movie – Skating!

If you didn’t hear, there is a Nancy Drew movie in the works. So far the only information up until yesterday was that it was called “Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase” and they cast Sophia Lillis as Nancy Drew. The latest news was that they have begun filming and have released photos of her, […]

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CNC News and Fan Videos

Guess what?! Codes & Clues will be on Comcast October 1st! Read the full news release here! Who’s going to tune in to see these on TV? So exciting! Earlier this year, some fans posted this fake teaser video with their own concept art of MID. Pretty cool, huh? (The music, by the way, is […]

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TV Show & Featured Section

The buzz continues about the TV show, “Drew,” not being picked up by CBS. The A.V. Club posted an informative article on the subject of the networks’ process for building a show and what this looks like for “Drew.” Read the full article on their site here. Another great article “Nancy Drew ‘Too Female’ for […]

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“Drew” Not Picked Up

If you’ve been following the news, over the weekend CBS decided to not pick up the TV show “Drew,” the modern-day Nancy Drew series that was meant to air this fall. In several articles like this one, it’s noted that while the pilot screened well, CBS didn’t want it because it was “too female” for […]

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Filming with Sarah and Vanessa

The Nancy Drew actress for the upcoming TV show by CBS, Sarah Shahi, has shared a few pictures on the set with co-star Vanessa Ferlito (George Fayne). If you are on Instagram, you can follow her here.   Also, this great photo was shared by a fan on Facebook. Her sister here re-created the battery-charge […]

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Monday Meme and Behind the Scenes

We shared this fabulous meme yesterday from The Haunting of Castle Malloy: Have you been voting on Twitter for the best Nancy Drew game location each day? The brackets are getting intense! The games are starting to narrow down! Which location do you predict will be voted all-time best? Also, in case you’d like to […]

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Actress on Set

Tumblr fan aliciaofelia posted some photos she acquired of actress Sarah Shahi on the set of Drew, the new TV show by CBS. What do you think of her look as a 30-year-old modern Nancy Drew? A little magnifying glass observation shows me that her bag is from Whole Foods. 😉 And, is it just […]

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Nancy’s Car is for Sale! (And Weekend Puzzle #300!)

Hey sleuths! Remember the car that Emma Robert’s drove as Nancy Drew in the 2007 movie? This one: The original owner is now selling it. If you are authentically interested in purchasing it, contact Vanessa by email here.   Also, if you’d like a good read, this article came out… which I think is AWESOME. […]

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Springtime Birds

Today’s Throwback Thursday features Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. Who remembers wearing camouflage and stealthily snapping photos of birds on Red’s camera? In case you don’t have this game, you can get it for 50% off today using promo code DOG50 at checkout. Doing the math, this brings the digital download to about […]

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