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Tumblr fan aliciaofelia posted some photos she acquired of actress Sarah Shahi on the set of Drew, the new TV show by CBS. What do you think of her look as a 30-year-old modern Nancy Drew?





A little magnifying glass observation shows me that her bag is from Whole Foods. 😉 And, is it just me… or does she appear to be wearing a key necklace? That would be sooo cool!

-Little Jackalope

7 responses to “Actress on Set”

  1. terez says:

    im sorry i think a blonde girl would be a better actor for nancys role 🙂

  2. Amy Christine says:

    Hmm… I actually picture Nancy as a light color hair but I am still excited to see this show!!! I looked the actress for Nancy up and saw she was in psych! I think she will do great as Nancy!

    Also, my birthday is next month, April 12, and I’m wondering if you would give me a shout-out? =D

  3. Amy Christine says:

    Oops I meant I looked up the actress who plays Nancy Drew online. =)

  4. Hannah says:

    I like the look of her, but I think that look would be better for George (minus the pink jacket)

  5. That actor does seem like a good choice for a 30 year old Nancy. She just needs a brighter hair color to match the character.

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