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Podcast and Universal Music Day (Weekend Puzzle #364)

The latest podcast is up! It features one of our own team members! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here or watch the video below: Heads’ up! Tomorrow (and only tomorrow, aka Saturday) there will be a big sale on all soundtracks. Shop here tomorrow and use the promo code. 😉 Here’s your weekend puzzle! […]

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UK Shirts, Charleena Purcell, and Weekend Puzzle #363

New podcast episode! This one features the voice of Charleena Purcell. Did you know she also voiced Dr. Irina Predivicui (I totally ruined the spelling) from DDI, and Poppy Dada in SSH? Wow! BIG news! Amazon now allows us to sell our Nancy Drew designs on T-shirts made available to the United Kingdom! Huzzah! Shop […]

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Twitch Day 1 – TMB

Come join us tonight as we play Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen with our new intern, Jai! Follow us and join the live chat here! Also, starting today, you can get 25% off Tomb of the Lost Queen and the TMB Soundtrack using the promo code TWITCH26. This sale ends September 23rd. New […]

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Back to School Sale & Arglefumph!

We have a back to school sale happening! Shop here! Also, our podcast host, Tammy Tuckey, interviewed Michael Gray (Arglefumph)! Listen on iTunes or via this YouTube video: Heads up! We are having a Twitch party in a couple of weeks! Follow us here! In honor of Labor Day, we will be out of the […]

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Twitch, Black Cats, Podcast Episode!

So many things today! First off, you have limited time to appreciate black cats today via our sale on Warnings at Waverly Academy! Shop here! Also, there is a new podcast episode out! Check it out on iTunes or in the YouTube video here: Tonight we finish up Trail of the Twister LIVE on Twitch! […]

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Twisters and Tess!

Mark your calendars and set your alarms! This Thursday and Friday we start playing Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister LIVE on Twitch! Follow us here. Did you catch the latest podcast episode? It features our own Tess! We have some birthdays to celebrate from the past few weekends: -Little Jackalope

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Comics, PopSockets, and Camera Day!

New podcast is up! This one features the writer of the new Nancy Drew comics, Anthony Del Col! Watch on the video below or subscribe to iTunes here. Today is National Camera Day! We are celebrating with a sale on Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake! Shop here! We have new PopSocket designs up, […]

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Podcast and Sale!

Hello sleuths! We have a lot happening this weekend. First off, happy National Best Friends day! A big shout out to all the friends who have been supportive, helpful and caring out there, just like Bess and George are to Nancy! In honor of good friends, we have a sale on Nancy Drew: The Shattered […]

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Danger by Design: Day 2 on Twitch

In case you missed yesterday’s party, we have uploaded the video on YouTube here: I hope you can join us tonight as we continue solving a mystery in Paris! Join here on Twitch! We are giving away another exclusive mug as the prize tonight. There’s a new podcast episode released today! Listen to it and […]

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Twitch Day 2 (CLK) and Podcast

Come join us tonight as we continue playing Secret of the Old Clock on Twitch! In case you missed it, all episodes will be on YouTube later. Don’t forget! You can get the game for 50%! In your free time, check out the latest podcast episode on iTunes here or on YouTube here: -Little Jackalope

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