Back to School Sale & Arglefumph!

We have a back to school sale happening! Shop here!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Shop Games

Also, our podcast host, Tammy Tuckey, interviewed Michael Gray (Arglefumph)! Listen on iTunes or via this YouTube video:

Heads up! We are having a Twitch party in a couple of weeks! Follow us here!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games

In honor of Labor Day, we will be out of the office on Monday. See you Tuesday!

-Little Jackalope

12 responses to “Back to School Sale & Arglefumph!”

  1. budford says:

    If it wasn’t for Arglefumph’s videos i’d never be able to solve a nancy drew game. But in my defense im not the brightest lightbulb in the box lol.

  2. Oh Arglebumph is so funny Y’know Little Jacklope I won’t make it to the twitch stream on the 13th or the 14th because I don’t have my laptop yet but I was talking to my awesome brother Tim about it yesterday! And he’s to visit with me and my parents on the 20th and the 21st so even though I don’t my own computer yet , he’s going to log me in to stream and I’ll partipating in the stream for REAL FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!

  3. Hey Little Jackolope would it be possible for me to have Herinteractive’s or you or Tess’s cellphone number so that way I can send you guys a picture like for the contest and everything and send you selfies of me watching the twitch streams so I can be able to win the prizes? You guys do text right I saw your texts on Tim’s phone from all of you guys saying how they were to meet me? I’m just more of a texter!

  4. Okay I’ll remember that I’m really not an e-mail person but for what it’s worth I can do that because I really do want to be part of the Her interactive spotlight again, pictures of me and my family and all of you guys with me that is very special to me! And it wouldn’t take long anyway, I just don’t like writing very long e-mails too time consuming for me and I always want to spend all my FREE TIME playing all of my ND games!

  5. I’m very excited to join my first ND twitch STREAM, AHHH! I’ll talk to Tim when I get a chance and he’s been on Twitch before for other games I think a couple so I don’t know whether we’ll be going by his user name or I’ll be making my own user name but I’ll let you know! But I’m thinking about going by NDrunner since I LOVE NANCY DREW and running in Special Olympics Track! HAHA!

  6. Hi again Little Jackalope! So I have a question about the times for the twitch streams, what does PT, MT, CT and ET mean?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Jillian! PT = Pacific Time zone, MT = Mountain Time zone, CT = Central Time zone, and ET is Eastern Time zone. 🙂

  7. Thanks! I’m eastern! That time zone is in Delaware right? Um, I talked to my brother and we think wer’e likely to be on the stream under my own user name and it actually turns out that he will be coming to my house on the
    21st so we’ll be here for the fourth day! I know being participating on the Twitch stream only on the 4th day is not much of a start for a first time twitch streaming!

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