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Just like an Egyptian!

Hey guess what? We have a great new contest for you! For a chance to have your picture appear in our next game, Tomb of the Lost Queen, strike your best Egyptian pose! The background does not matter, just as long as we can see you clearly. Take a photo of yourself (or with a […]

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Eqyptian Pose Contest!

Pose like an Egyptian for a chance to have your picture placed in our next game: Tomb of the Lost Queen! Submit a photo of yourself in your best Egyptian pose to the email  solved@herinteractive.com with the subject line "Egyptian Pose" by Sunday, January 8th. We will select a winner on Monday, January 9th by […]

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Designing a Game

Hooray! It’s 2012! A brand new year to fill will more mystery, suspense, chocolate bars and anything mischievous that we can add to the list that would be awesome. We’ve been contemplating game designs lately. (Ok, so 100% of the time it is our Designer who, well, designs them) and the rest of us continually […]

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Weekend Puzzle #131: End of 2011

The end of 2011 has come! This will be the last Amateur Sleuth Blog post made this month, but no worries, we will be back in action on January 2nd to start off the new year. Here’s a look at what we’ve accomplished in 2011: Launched the first Nancy Drew Mobile Mystery: Shadow Ranch for […]

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More Koko Kringle!

Yep, I’m talking about Koko Kringle bars…again. Honestly, can someone get tired of talking about Koko Kringles? Well, maybe, if you aren’t a crazed fanatic for them. Take a look here, we squirreled away some candy bars (because we are sneaky like that). These are meant specifically for the 10 people who will be randomly […]

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After Christmas

Welcome back all! Hope you had a great Christmas! It looks like many of you have received some much anticipated games this year, along with those who received a Koko Kringle bar like this lucky fan here: Speaking of Koko Kringle bars…thanks to your help, we accomplished our goal of 100,000 “likes” on our Facebook […]

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Contests and Challenges

Last weekend’s mystery series puzzle was a contest, and we have selected a winner randomly from all the correct entries. Congrats to Miranda D. who will receive a Nancy Drew silhouette phone charm, a blank Nancy Drew notebook, and a Nancy Drew PC game of her choice! The correct answers were: 1. [Blue lilac, flowers] […]

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Weekend Puzzle #130

(*Please Note about last weekend’s contest: We will select a winner randomly from all the correct entries by 5pm PST tonight. We will also post the answers then. Stay tuned for another post later today!) We have a short week here at the Her Interactive office because it’s Christmas time! So we are giving you […]

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Hints and Pictures

Hey all, tonight and early tomorrow is the last chance you will be able to submit the answers to last weekend’s puzzle contest. Looks like some of you could use a last-minute hint (*Note: you can be generic in your answer): Detective Ryan took what 4 things with him?: 1) [They are blue and are […]

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Koko Kringle Kalamity

It’s not really a big deal, but…. The Koko Kringles for the December Holiday Sale are all out!!! Nooooo! This is distressing news indeed for the general population, except for those lucky sleuths who ordered earlier in the month and have already received theirs, that is (the sale will continue until December 29th, so it […]

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