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Never Too Old for Nancy Drew

This past year I have made an interesting observation. Some people who comment, post, email, or respond to us admit they are fans of Nancy Drew games, and are yet a little ashamed or embarrassed to announce that they enjoy playing them. Some fans are male, some fans are in their 30s or even older. […]

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Who is Nancy Drew?

According to me, everyone who plays a Nancy Drew game can claim to be “Nancy Drew”, since they take on her character role. Therefore, anybody can suddenly burst into this song that we posted a while back: Due to several requests, we are posting the lyrics and chords! Perhaps this is your opportunity to perform […]

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Hunting for Nancy Drew

Is it just me, or is book hunting for musty old, vintage Nancy Drew books and antiques a fun pastime? Although I own all of the yellow-back 56 original titles, I enjoy hunting for different printings, different covers, as well as any of the later mysteries that remind me of the games. (Like Treasure in […]

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Playing Nancy Drew

We posted another wise saying today on our social media sites: Isn’t it nice when you happen to have a key at just the right moment you approach a locked drawer, compartment or door? It looks like you super sleuths are hard at work trying to solve last weekend’s puzzle. I’m rather surprised that nobody […]

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Startling Moments!

Today is a good day to start talking about the game play of Ghost of Thornton Hall. One of the true things about the older games (when I didn’t know what was going to happen) that made me nervous was every time that I was about to turn a corner, or enter a new environment. […]

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With all this talk about Ghost of Thornton Hall (by the way…we are counting down the remaining days to pre-order!) …I’d thought to take a day to talk about something different. We just started Instagramming! However, we’ve only got a few pictures up, so we don’t have any followers yet. (I posted several real-life Nancy […]

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Nancy Drew Diaries

I have been a Nancy Drew reader since I was seven years old, and have only recently completed my classic Nancy Drew collection. Many of us fondly remember reading the classic yellow hard-backed books and will always treasure her inspiring adventures that she would take us along on. For a few of us who prefer […]

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Long Time to Wait

We posted this Nancy Drew Moment to our social media sites, and I find this rather funny. From all the teasing we have been doing of Ghost of Thornton Hall, this holds so very true. Perhaps it would be really nice of us to share more information, huh? Well, I can say we are getting […]

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A Classic Moment from TRT

Today we shared a classic Nancy Drew moment from Treasure in the Royal Tower. See for yourself! This was something that drove me to insane curiosity when I first played it: What was in those rooms?!?! Nothing important. They must have been other maintenance rooms and empty guest rooms, and somewhere downstairs must have been […]

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Happy New Year 2013!

Hooray! We are back and ready to rock and roll Nancy Drew style this year. We have several things planned for 2013 and will leave plenty of room for more spontaneous, creative, fun and crazy cool things along the way. How was every one’s Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa and New Year’s? Hope you all got to enjoy some […]

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