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Day Six for Pre-Orders

The pre-orders continue for GTH! Sounds like several of you solved the GTH weekend puzzle, some of you only mad it half-way, and a few were thinking there was supposed to be more to it… *insert evil grin*. Here’s what you do to solve it: First identify all of the missing letters (if you need […]

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Weekend Puzzle #193…and a Marathon!

Day four of Ghost of Thornton Hall pre-orders! From what I’ve been hearing/reading lately is that some of you are doing game marathons before GTH becomes available, this is awesome! However it’s a little late to attempt to play 27 games before May 7th, it might be more doable to play all the “scary” games […]

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Ghost of Thornton Hall Box Art Revealed!

Today’s the day!!! Enough gab, take a look at this cover: For a while Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake was my favorite cover art, but now this one has made it to my #1 favorite spot. What do you make of this? The graveyard with the ghost lingering by a crypt, looking on and thinking […]

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No Monday Post? Whyever not?!

So I completely missed yesterday’s post…and therefore I must explain myself (because the truth must be revealed!)I forgot, but for this very important reason: We have been working hard on getting a special new merchandise item up (actually it’s secretly been up since Friday, but we didn’t say anything until today.) We are sneaky like […]

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Spring Wildlife: Geese

I got a hot tip from one of our artists: there was a few geese families outside behind our office. With this new information, I decided to grab my camera and go into stealth mode…which is really hard by the way when the only way to get to the geese was by gravel path and […]

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